U.S. Dairy Advantages

US Dairy Advantages

Fulfilling Customer Needs From Farm to Table

Fulfilling customer needs

The dedication of American dairy farmer and processor communities reaches far beyond U.S. borders. Continuous investments in research and innovation combine with a long, rich heritage of skilled craftsmanship to support U.S. transformation into a leading global supplier of quality dairy products and ingredients. The capabilities of the world's largest single-country producer of cow's milk, cheese, butter, skim milk powder and whey ingredients continue to expand. An ample, rising milk supply and a competitive, evolving product portfolio position the U.S. dairy industry to satisfy the world's ever-growing appetite for dairy.  

But there are more benefits to the U.S. dairy industry than supply volume. The entire U.S. dairy supply chain—farm families, milk processors, product and ingredient manufacturers and dairy institutions—is committed and eager to fulfill customers' needs and drive their businesses forward. Every step of the way, from farm to table, significant investments in product portfolio expansion, sustainability and strengthening customer-centric relationships, helps the U.S. dairy industry deliver the exact desired products and specifications.  

Learn more about the U.S. dairy industry's dedication as your ideal global partner for many years to come through advantages in supply security, long-term partnerships and accelerated growth.  

Peace of Mind Through Supply Security

Peace of mind

Are you developing new products or product line extensions? A priority consideration is a reliable, year-round dairy supply source. The vast and expandable production scale and scope of the U.S. dairy industry combines with modern and efficient farming practices to provide the supply security central to success. Year-round U.S. production volume supports steady delivery of quality dairy products and ingredients crafted to meet customer and consumer demand.    

Steady future growth capacity sets the United States apart from constraints other milk-producing regions experience. Notably, the United States has the land, infrastructure and technological resources in place to continue its decade-long expansion of milk production and dairy product offerings. U.S. milk production jumped 18% between 2003 and 2013, and is forecast to rise 2%-3% annually through 2017. Backed by rigorous quality and safety standards, the upward U.S. production trend ensures customers a reliable, long-term source of world-class dairy products.  

Long-Term Partnerships

Long-term partnerships

From farmers to suppliers, the U.S. dairy industry recognizes the crucial role it plays in global customers' product-to-market capabilities and is intent on building long-term customer relationships based upon principles of commitment, integrity and collaboration.  

The heavy domestic focus of a decade ago now shares the spotlight as the U.S. dairy industry embraces international markets and customers as a future business cornerstone. U.S. suppliers today are attuned to varying global customers' needs, with sales efforts increasingly supported by offices and representatives around the world, not just in the United States. The close collaboration with customer purchasing, R&D and marketing efforts ensures that U.S. dairy product and ingredient suppliers successfully deliver the desired attributes and specific functionalities that create marketplace success for consumer end-products and menu items.  

The U.S. dairy industry has never been more eager to partner with customers - both at home and abroad - to deliver and innovate world-class products that meet consumer needs.   

Accelerate Customer Business Growth

Accelerate customer business growth

The U.S. dairy industry's broad and dynamic network of suppliers combines with diverse product portfolios to create a further key advantage. Rather than a limited pool of one or two choices, U.S. dairy industry customers benefit from the ability to seek suitable partners from a wide selection of suppliers and corresponding products, specifications, processes and delivery options. The breadth and depth of products and capabilities support customers' strategic business ambitions and accelerate growth and innovation trajectories.  

The U.S. dairy industry harnesses its dedicated resources and industry investments to keep its products and customers on the forefront of global dairy technology and innovation. In 2014 alone, more than $88 million in industry investments bolstered innovation and development across a full span of product, nutrition and sustainability research. (Dairy Research Institute)  

The U.S. dairy industry recognizes that its long-term success is integrally linked with customer satisfaction and business growth. The entire industry, from farm to table, is committed to becoming the global partner that drives customers' businesses forward.