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Export Exchange

Check out this new video seriescreated to keep you informed about developments in dairy markets.

Dairy Sustainability

Sustainability & Stewardship

As a global leader in sustainability and social responsibility, the U.S. dairy industry has had a long-standing commitment to healthy people, a healthy planet and healthy communities. 

US Dairy Industry Unveiled

U.S. Dairy in Action

Updates from our global offices, covering news and insights from around the world. We invite you to check back frequently to stay current on what's happening with U.S Dairy.

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Up to Date with USDEC

This new communication series is designed to provide timely market information about U.S. dairy trade. During these uncertain times, it's as critical as ever to ensure our safe, wholesome and sustainably produced U.S. dairy supply reaches global communities.

Innovate with US DairyInnovate with U.S. Dairy

Looking for innovative ideas that meet consumer demand? We have them! Check out the several hundreds of formulations and recipes using high quality U.S. dairy ingredients that can enhance the functional and nutritional profile of many food products and dishes.

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