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Innovate with US DairyInnovate with U.S. Dairy

Looking for innovative ideas that meet consumer demand? We have them! Check out the several hundreds of formulations and recipes using high quality U.S. dairy ingredients that can enhance the functional and nutritional profile of many food products and dishes.

New Protein Technical Report

Dairy Protein Technical Report

Learn how U.S. whey/milk proteins uniquely stand out in addressing formulator needs for nutritional, functional, and sustainably-produced ingredients amidst a crowded protein marketplace. 

US cheese serving the world

Cheese Variety & Affordability

Learn how Europe's overreach with geographical indicators could affect your supply of U.S. cheese and discover what you can do to help stop this encroachment with help from the Consortium for Common Food Names.

US Dairy Industry Unveiled

U.S. Dairy in Action

Updates from our global offices, covering news and insights from around the world. We invite you to check back frequently to stay current on what's happening with U.S Dairy.

Milk Powder

Reference Manual for U.S. Milk Powders

Access the newly expanded edition of USDEC's popular technical resource highlighting the composition, functional performance, and usage applications for SMP/NDM, WMP, BMP, MPC, MPI, MCC and more.

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