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Advances in technology and investments in research and development have enabled the U.S. to expand its portfolio of whey protein and ingredients from basic commodities to a variety of higher-valued products. Just a generation ago the whey was discarded after the cheesemaking process but is now recognized for its high nutritional value. Today, it is regarded as a valuable co-product of cheesemaking.

The U.S. continues to innovate and is finding new uses and markets for these value-added ingredients. Whey protein and ingredients offer food and beverage manufacturers and foodservice professionals options that provide the nutrition, flavor and functionality necessary to meet global consumer demands.

Why US Whey

Why U.S. Whey Protein & Ingredients

U.S. whey suppliers produce a wide array of whey products to meet varying protein levels, functional properties and other specifications. With over a million metric tons produced annually, the United States is the largest producer and exporter of whey in the world.

Formulas & Recipes

Visit the Formulation Database to find prototypes that feature whey proteins and ingredients. Hundreds of innovative ideas are at your fingertips.

Red Bean High Protein Mooncakes

Red Bean High Protein Mooncakes

Best paired with a cup of Chinese tea, enjoy these seasonal treats that are high in protein content.


Reduced-sodium Protein Udon Soup

Reduced-sodium Protein Udon Soup

Easy-to-prepare comfort food gets upgraded with this fresh take on a popular dish.


Hot Dog

Hot Dog

Hot dogs with WPC 80 used to replace a portion of the pork.