Dairy products, from milk and cheese to whey, milk powders and permeates, can be versatile ingredients in many food applications. The strong capabilities of the U.S. dairy industry provide food and beverage manufacturers as well as foodservice professionals the peace of mind and inspiration required to bring innovative products to market on a global scale. Dairy ingredients produced in the United States help meet the growing consumer demand for more nutritious and delicious products throughout various eating occasions.

Formulators and chefs alike can now keep up with the ever-evolving food product development and foodservice trends by regularly perusing the information provided in this section. In addition to utilization trends, formulation and recipe ideas are available to spark creativity in using U.S. cheese and dairy ingredients in new and innovative ways.  

Explore the possibilities that exist for your market segment!

Food and beverage manufacturers

Food & Beverage Manufacturers

U.S. dairy ingredients allow formulators to develop healthful and nutritious foods and beverages consumers demand.                                    

Food Aid

Food Aid

U.S. dairy ingredients have an important nutritional and functional role in applications for food assistance programs.                 

Foodservice professionals

Foodservice Professionals

U.S. cheese and dairy products are key ingredients to many successful foodservice applications and recipes. 

Formulas and Recipes

Formulas & Recipes

Hundreds of formulations and recipes to enhance the functional and nutritional profile of food products and dishes.

Nutrition and medical products

Nutrition & Medical Products

Dairy protein ingredients are core to sports nutrition products as well as infant formula and enteral nutrition.                      

Resources and Insights

Resources & Insights

A compilation of downloadable and printable materials to further knowledge and understanding of U.S. dairy products.