Food Aid

Food Aid Formulas

U.S. product developers and manufacturers benefit from the nutritional, functional and economical attributes of high-quality U.S. dairy products on a year-round basis.

U.S. dairy ingredients can be used in direct feeding programs, in emergency distribution situations, and in monetization programs. The following are start-up formulations incorporating U.S. dairy ingredients.1

USDEC can cater to your specific needs with formulations and recipes. If you are looking to create and/or have other formulations/applications, we can provide assistance specifically to you. We also have direct access to laboratories and technical experts from all over the world.

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The recipes and formulations above contain PDF files. To read those files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

1Formulas provided in this section are for demonstration purposes and are a starting point for product development efforts. Adjustments may be required. Please check local regulations for the use of product names and specific ingredients. For further assistance, please contact U.S. suppliers.