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Quality US Dairy ProductsThe "Made in the U.S.A." label signifies an uncompromising commitment to quality. From stringent farm sanitation to state-of-the-art food manufacturing technology, the U.S. dairy industry carefully controls conditions to guarantee world-class product safety, quality and consistency.  

The country's manufacturing facilities  1,242 as of 2020 (USDA)  follow strict food safety procedures to create an incredible variety of wholesome, quality dairy products and ingredients. Ranging from some of the largest food production operations in the world to small, boutique facilities for hand-crafted specialty items, U.S. dairy processors deliver the broadest single-country variety of dairy offerings available in the global marketplace.     

The United States is the world's largest supplier and manufacturer of high quality cheeses. U.S. cheese producers create more than 600 types of delicious cheeses in a range that includes European-style selections such as cheddar and mozzarella alongside American originals such as Monterey jack, Colby and cream cheese. International competitions place U.S. specialty cheeses among the best in the world with consistent top honors for flavor, body and appearance.  

The United States likewise leads the world as a single-country source of skim milk powder, lactose and whey ingredients, which are available in a wide range of protein levels to suit customer needs. This includes whey permeate, sweet whey, whey protein concentrates, whey protein isolates and whey fractions. Additional rising U.S. dairy offerings ― from ingredients such as milk proteins and milk permeate to products such as butter, yogurt, ice cream and other dairy desserts ― combine to underscore the U.S. dairy industry commitment and ability to serve world markets.  

Continuous, ample and on-the-rise milk production drives ongoing U.S. dairy industry investments in cutting-edge product research and processing capabilities to directly support an ever-expansive global product portfolio. Custom development requests also spur U.S. product innovations, with examples in recent years such as gouda cheese, whole milk powder, milk protein concentrates and milk protein isolates. Ongoing development of value-added dairy offerings as well as next-generation products and ingredients ensure that U.S. dairy products continue to meet the changing needs of customers worldwide.     

Food and beverage companies, chefs and food service menu developers, nutritional products manufacturers, importers and humanitarian organizations count on U.S. dairy products to delight and nurture consumers around the world.  

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