Sustainability & Stewardship

Award-Winning Innovation

The U.S. Dairy Sustainability Awards program celebrates excellence in collaborations, partnerships and innovations across the dairy value chain. Here are a few highlights how the U.S. dairy community is making a difference:

U.S. Dairy: Sustainability at the Heart of Global Ingredient Solutions

This video series features U.S. supplier efforts to deliver the value of milk to global customers, highlighting how sustainability is a the heart of U.S. Dairy every day. The first U.S. dairy supplier snapshot features Idaho Milk Products' ongoing efforts to help feed the world in a way they can take pride in, furthering planet-friendly practices embraced on the farm and delivering versatile, nutritious ingredients.

 In this installment of the video series showcasing U.S. Dairy’s sustainable ingredient solutions, Leprino Foods features a few of their innovative and environmentally-conscious practices. Already conserving resources and adopting clean technologies, they chart additional ambitious targets on their path to further reduce environmental impact and achieve carbon neutrality.

Explore how U.S. suppliers like Darigold are investing in solutions that are healthy for people and the planet, committing to continuous improvement and environmental progress on the farm all the way through delivery of nutritious dairy products and ingredients.