Consumer Demand for U.S. Dairy

People enjoying dairy

People all over the world enjoy the health and wellness benefits associated with dairy foods and products that contain dairy ingredients. The rise in global accessibility of a broad span of U.S. dairy products makes it easy to satisfy individual needs and unique taste preferences. The wide range of dairy food and ingredient options creates choices for all types of consumers. Dairy products suit even the special needs of populations with nutrient restrictions or requirements, such as those following low-salt or low-fat diets.

Food manufacturers, for instance, can innovate with dairy ingredients to introduce new products to meet consumer health and wellness needs.  

Foodservice operators can expand dairy's reach with creative use of dairy ingredients in foods that are already favorites, as well as the addition of dairy foods to all snack and meal segments.  

Chefs can prominently feature dairy as part of menus that strive for culinary excellence.  

Health professionals can continue to share information on the benefits of dairy and increase general awareness of the accessible, convenient and wellness-enhancing attributes it provides.