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Dry Whole Milk & Whole Milk Powder

Product Definition

Whole milk powder

Dry whole milk and whole milk powder refer to U.S. Food and Drug Administration and CODEX Alimentarius-defined terms respectively. Dry whole milk must contain between 26% and 40% milkfat (by weight) on an “as is’’ basis and not more than 5.0% moisture (by weight) on a milk-solids-notfat (MSNF) basis. Whole milk powder can contain between 26% and 42% milkfat and the protein level can be adjusted to a minimum of 34% in MSNF.

Typical Applications

For bakery, confectionery, dairy, prepared mixes, sauces, and soups as:

  • An economical source of dairy solids, including milkfat
  • A convenient form of nutritious milk that doesn't require refrigeration, and is easily reconstituted
  • An easily transported and stored dairy ingredient

Typical Composition
Protein 24.5% - 27.0%
Lactose 36.0% - 38.5%
Fat 26.0% - 40.0%
Ash 5.5% - 6.5%
Moisture 2.0% - 4.5%

Physical and Chemical Aspects

Typical Microbiological Analysis:
Standard plate count <10,000CFU/g*
Coliform 10/g max.
E.coli Negative
Salmonella Negative
Listeria Negative
Coagulase-positive staphylococci Negative

Other Characteristics:
Scorched particle content 7.5 - 15.0mg (spray-dried) 22.5mg (roller-dried)
Titratable acidity 0.15% (max.)
Solubility index 1.0 ml (spray-dried)
15.0 ml (roller-dried)
Color White to light cream color
Flavor Clean, pleasing dairy flavor

*Extra Grade  


Stitched or glued, multiwall kraft bag with polyethylene inner liner. No staples or metal fasteners. Also available in plastic-lined corrugated paperboard or aluminum tote bins.


Ship and store in a cool, dry environment at temperatures less than 27ºC and relative humidity less than 65%. Use within 6 - 9 months. Note that storage life is very dependent on storage conditions and this figure is only a guide. Milkfat is susceptible to oxidative reactions that are accelerated by increased temperature. Flavor quality, in particular, is impaired if temperatures are too high and storage is extended.