The U.S. dairy industry builds meaningful partnerships with today's foodservice professionals by providing customer-centric methods of product development and innovation sure to accelerate success. With the capacity to provide true supply security, a vast array of products and an uncompromising commitment to quality, the U.S. dairy industry is in a unique position to partner with modern foodservice professionals around the world. 


Foodservice applications for genuine cheese and dairy products are virtually limitless. As a topping for globally popular pizza or as an integral part of a wide number of traditional regional and national cuisines, U.S. cheese and dairy products are key ingredients to many successful foodservice applications andrecipes. 

Explore the possibilities for U.S. cheese and other dairy products in the major foodservice categories listed below, from hot trends in America to innovative applications that enhance menus and bottom lines. Browse this section often for additional recipe posts designed to help chefs around the world innovate with U.S. dairy products.