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Cheese for Pizza & Blends

Varieties include:cheese for pizza

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In addition to choosing from pasta filata cheese varieties and IQF cheeses to manufacture pizza, operators may also choose from pizza cheese blends that are generally made by a stirred curd process rather than a pasta filata process. Designed for pizza, they are selected for their flavor, functionality and cost advantages.  

U.S. mozzarella is among the world's most popular topping for U.S.-style pizza, because it provides the right mix of flavor, melting, stretch and elasticity characteristics. Low-moisture/part-skim mozzarella is one of the most popular choices of cheese in food processing applications because of a firmer body, longer shelf life and excellent shreddability. Whole milk mozzarella, another popular ingredient, provides a smooth, creamy flavor and texture, and even melt. Reduced- and no-fat mozzarellas are used primarily in foods designed to have lower fat or calorie content.  

Pasteurized process mozzarella is manufactured by heating and mixing mozzarella and other cheeses, along with other ingredients, as allowed by U.S. Federal Standards of Identity for pasteurized process cheeses. It is used in applications requiring strict functional performance and a high degree of uniformity. Pasteurized process cheeses generally provide uniform color, flavor and melting properties.  

Provolone is a pasta filata cheese closely related to mozzarella and is used in pizza blends to increase flavor while maintaining attractive melt and stretch properties.  

Application Benefits

The pizza segment is one of the largest cheese applications served by U.S. cheese manufacturers. U.S. cheeses are used in frozen pizza, refrigerated pizza, pizza kits and fresh pizza that is made and served at foodservice establishments all over the world. As pizza chains continue to expand their restaurant sites around the world, the demand for cheese and the need for high-performance cheese continue to grow. There is a growing variety of cheeses and blends designed and manufactured specifically for these applications.  

Custom Pizza Blends

Many U.S. cheese suppliers offer specialized and customized pre-shredded cheese blends for pizza applications. These include blends of two, three, and even more cheeses with specific flavors, colors, price points, and functional characteristics.