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Why U.S. Whey Protein

World's Largest Whey Producer

A quarter of the world's whey products - about 700,000 metric tons in 2016 - are manufactured at 200-plus whey plants throughout the United States. With a growing cheese industry, an abundance of land, and investments in research and development, the U.S. whey industry is capable of answering the call for increased global customer demand.

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World's Largest Whey Exporter

The United States is the single largest exporter of whey products in the world. Export levels have grown to record highs with more than 70% of production targeted for overseas markets. The U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) and the U.S. whey industry are equipped for today's fast-paced business, focused on the future and willing to serve global customers as their partners in trade.

US Whey Exports

Customized Products for Specific Needs

U.S. suppliers can specialize in tailoring products to buyers' specifications. The latest in plant technology allows suppliers to vary the protein, mineral and fat levels in their products so they can offer products with protein levels of less than 12% to greater than 90%, and mineral levels between 1% and 28%. Modified whey products with enhanced functional and nutritional characteristics are also widely available and often customized for optimal performance.

Attention to Quality and Safety

Product safety is the key to protecting consumer health. The U.S. whey industry adheres to strict production practices, which ensure that all users of U.S. whey products obtain a safe, high-quality and nutritious product. U.S. whey products abide by rigorous quality control standards that have been developed in cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. All products are tested and evaluated to ensure that they not only meet U.S. government standards, but also the requirements of the end-user. By adhering to one of the strictest sanitary and quality standards in the world, the U.S. whey industry can deliver quality products.