Sustainability & Stewardship


As a global leader in sustainability and social responsibility, the U.S. dairy industry has had a long-standing commitment to healthy people, a healthy planet and healthy communities.

U.S. Dairy is positioned to help food and beverage manufacturers worldwide capitalize on the growing demand for more nutritious and delicious products made from socially, environmentally and economically responsible sources.

We are committed to continuous improvement in areas that align with the United Nations Sustainable dairy sustainability infographic intro text Development Goals, specifically those focused on food security, human health and responsible stewardship of natural resources, including animals. Check out the infographic for more on how dairy embraces and contributes to sustainable development.

A wide range of wholesome, natural U.S. dairy products and ingredients that help foster health and wellness across people of all ages around the world, starts with the nutritious milk dairy cows produce. Successful production depends not only on top notch cow care, but also on clean air, water, healthy soil and vibrant ecosystems.

We recognize sustainability means different things to different people. From reducing waste to a reliable supply, read more about the specific efforts of our members and our industry on the topics below.


U.S. Dairy Sustainability

This brochure details U.S. Dairy's status as a global leader in sustainability and offers a great opportunity to learn about the U.S. dairy industry's commitment to environmental stewardship and continuous improvement. This includes insight into innovations and efficiencies across the dairy supply chain, as well as information on the broader impact of U.S. Dairy's sustainability accomplishments and goals.

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