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Lactose Categories

Lactose, a milk sugar, is the carbohydrate normally obtained from whey and is the most abundant of the milk solids by weight. Lactose is a disaccharide composed of the monosaccharides Alpha-D-glucose and Beta-D-galactose. It is a reducing sugar that can, in some circumstances, react freely with amino acid groups in proteins. Lactose is a versatile ingredient that provides end-users with many functional benefits in finished products. The United States manufactures food grade, pharmaceutical grade and industrial grade lactose products, each with its own set of specifications.

Food Grade Lactose

Food grade lactose offers a variety of benefits for bakery, confectionery, snack, meat and other food and beverage applications.

pharmaceutical grade lactose

Pharmaceutical Grade

Pharmaceutical grade lactose can be used as a diluent, filling agent or as a carrier for delivery of drug substances through inhalation.

Industrial Grade Lactose

Industrial grade lactose describes a range of lactose products used in feed, fermentation and other technical applications.