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Dairy ingredients play a major role in bakery applications with capabilities to improve browning, flavor, texture and other key bakery applications attributes.

Dairy ingredients produced in the United States help meet the growing consumer demand for a more nutritious and delicious bakery selection. From protein fortification to sodium reduction to browning, the U.S. dairy industry's breadth and depth of products and production capabilities creates ingredients designed to enhance bread, cakes, cookies and other bakery applications and help the bakery industry grow. The versatile ingredients help formulators keep up with the demands of evolving food product development and manufacturing environment trends.  

Trends in Baked Goods

BakeryInnovations in baked goods focus on solutions for consumers to adopt better nutrition that they can fit into their busy lifestyles. Delivering snacking solutions and reducing sodium content in baked goods are two areas where incorporating dairy ingredients can provide viable solutions.  

Snack for a Healthy Lifestyle

Consumers around the world increasingly tie food choices to health and lifestyle benefits, but remain unwilling to trade flavor for nutrition. The enhancement of bakery items with dairy protein creates the ability to position products as snack sources that provide sustained energy or the benefits of satiety. Baked goods companies can create new opportunities to grab healthy snack market share and, at the same time, deliver great-tasting, convenient options for consumers.  

Sodium Reduction

 As consumers become increasingly aware of how much sodium they consume and the potential health risks, convenient low-sodium options have added appeal. This presents manufacturers with an excellent opportunity to deliver lower-sodium options.  


Dairy ingredients from the U.S. dairy industry provide flavor, function and nutrition. The chart below illustrates the benefits offered by six common dairy ingredients. 

 Cheese (Details)Lactose (Details)Milkfat (Details)Milk Powders (Details)Permeate (Details)Whey (Details)
Browning yes yes   yes yes yes
Emulsification   yes   yes yes yes
Flavor yes yes yes yes yes yes
Moisture   yes     yes  
Sodium Reduction         yes yes
Texture yes yes yes yes yes yes
  Cheese Details Lactose Details Milkfat Details Milk Powder Details Permeate Details Whey Details

Formulas & Recipes

Access U.S. Dairy Export Council prototype formulations for inspiration on a wide range of delicious bakery items, including breads, cakes, cookies, crackers, glazes and mixes, nutritional products and pie crusts.

Red Dragon Fruit Cheesecake

Red Dragon Fruit Cheesecake

A tangy and refreshing cake that will transport you to the tropics. Juicy dragon fruit and silky cream cheese sit atop a golden-brown pecan nut base.


Parbaked Pizza Crust

Parbaked Pizza Crust

Perfect for busy kitchens that take pride in serving delicious pizza on a flavorful crust. Ready to sauce and top with your preferred toppings for a hearty pizza treat.


Pandan Sesame Cookies

Pandan Sesame Cookies

Enjoy these fragrant and crispy pandan sesame cookies that will make a lovely accompaniment to your afternoon tea.


Resources & Insights

Looking for further innovation ideas and technical support? Download the resources below for more information on developing baked goods applications with U.S. Dairy.

Dairy Powders Build Better Baked Goods

Permeate offers many benefits in baked goods, including improved browning, sodium reduction and cost savings. (Food Product Design, September 2013)

Whey Ingredients in Bakery Products

Whey proteins are important components of bakery applications that provide numerous functional, nutritional and flavor benefits.