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Why U.S. Lactose

Ample Production and Upside Growth Capacity

The United States leads the world in the volume of lactose produced annually, with continued significant upside potential for continued capacity growth to meet rising world demand. In 2016, U.S. lactose production reached 498 thousand metric tons, up 21% from 412 thousand metric tons in 2010. As a single country, the United States accounted for over a third of global production in 2015. This reflects the strength of the United States and its ability to be a stable, quality supply partner of lactose for years to come.

US Lactose Production & Exports

Export-Oriented Industry 

The United States has a long and proven track record as the world's largest lactose-exporting nation. U.S. lactose exports increased 18 percent since 2012 to reach 362 thousand metric tons in 2016. Over two-thirds of U.S. lactose production annually is destined for overseas markets, reflecting the industry's strong export orientation.

Attention to Quality and Service

U.S. lactose has a strong global reputation for quality and performance, with careful attention throughout the supply chain to ensure adherence to stringent standards. Service is also a top priority for U.S. suppliers in order to understand customer needs and consistently meet and exceed both buyers' and end-users' specifications and other requirements.