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Using Lactose

Lactose products are valued by food formulators for their many functional and nutritional benefits. As such, they are used in a wide range of applications.

ApplicationBenefit of Lactose Products*
Bakery Help preserve moistness and tenderness of products, maintains flavor quality, accentuates color development during cooking and baking, contributes to the development of toasted flavors, controls mold growth naturally to help extend shelf life
Confectionery Help create the desired texture, chewiness and shelf life; contributes to the development of toasted flavors; can be compressed into tablet form
Dairy Products Retard moisture loss and minimizes syneresis
Dry Mixes Remain free-flowing to ensure even dispersion, keeps product from caking
Infant Products Correct the balance between carbohydrate and protein in breast milk replacers based on cows' milk to deliver optimal nutrition
Nutritional Products Low glycemic index
Pharmaceuticals Can be compressed into tablets; used as a filling agent in capsule formulations
Seasonings & Flavors Remain free-flowing to ensure even dispersion
Snacks Retain color, reducing ingredient costs
Animal Feed Provide optimal nutrition


*Dependent upon specific lactose ingredients