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Why U.S. Milk Protein

Rising Quality Supplier

Milk protein ingredients are relatively new to the U.S. dairy ingredient world, with the first mik protein concentrate (MPC) manufactured in 2000. In recent years, U.S. ingredient processors have become increasingly specialized in the production of milk proteins. Domestic milk protein concentrate production, for example, has reached a new record of 78,000 metric tons in 2016, up 70% from 2012.

US Milk Protein Concentrate Production 2015-2019

Investing in New Ideas and Ingredients

The U.S. dairy industry recognizes that we are a critical component in helping our customers get their products to market. That's why U.S. dairy suppliers continue to enhance technology and investments to consistently meet buyers' quality and sensory specifications. For example, new separation technologies provide the basis for the development of MPCs, which are generally manufactured by filtration processes (microfiltration, ultrafiltration and diafiltration), followed by spray-drying. By investing in this type of technology, suppliers are able to meet specific functional and nutritional needs not possible with other standard milk powders in food formulations. Providing value-added ingredients that deliver functionality and advantages that yield successful product formulations is a continued priority for U.S. dairy.