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Global demand for milk proteins is growing primarily due to the need for ingredients with higher protein concentrations. The applications of milk proteins vary depending on the protein content. In general, concentrated milk proteins can be used in a variety of food categories from soups and sauces, meat products, bakery products, confectionery and chocolate to the manufacturing of dairy products like yogurt and cheese. Depending on the category and concentrated milk protein ingredients used, they can serve as: emulsifiers, flavor enhancers, flavoring agents, formulation aids, humectants, stabilizers and thickeners, texturizers and sources of high-quality protein.

Why US Milk Proteins

Why U.S. Milk Proteins

U.S. ingredient processors have become increasingly specialized in the production of milk proteins. U.S. milk protein concentrate (MPC) production has more than doubled over the past eight years and micellar casein concentrate (MCC) ingredients are now available commercially as a relatively new ingredient.


Milk proteins are versatile ingredients that provide many functional benefits in finished products. The U.S. manufactures a variety of milk protein products that can be used across an array of applications.

Using Milk Proteins

Learn about key applications and usage ideas for U.S. milk proteins in foods, beverages and pharmaceutical products.                                                                           

Functional Properties

U.S. milk proteins offer a variety of functional benefits to expand development of protein-packed foods and beverages that consumers demand.                                                                                               

Health & Nutrition

Milk proteins are a source of high-quality protein and contribute valuable minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorus to formulations.

Resources & Insights

A collection of downloadable and printable publications and materials is available to global customers who wish to further their knowledge and understanding of the functional and nutritional benefits of U.S. milk proteins and other dairy ingredients. Check out these valuable resources!

MPC manufacturing and applications

MPC: Manufacturing and Applications

Access this technical report highlighting the state of the science for manufacturing and applications of these dairy ingredients.

Choosing a dairy protein

Choosing a Dairy Protein Ingredient

With dairy protein ingredients gaining in popularity, get tips on when to formulate using whey protein compared to milk protein ingredients.

Milk Protein Concentrate Spec Sheet

What are Milk Protein Concentrates?

Learn more about the composition, benefits and applications of milk protein concentrates (MPCs).

Formulas & Recipes

Visit the Formulation Database to find prototypes that feature milk protein ingredients. Hundreds of innovative ideas are at your fingertips.

Protein-powered Curry Hummus

Protein-powered Curry Hummus

Spicing up widely popular hummus with the power of U.S. dairy ingredients demonstrates how blending dairy proteins with vegetable-based options multiplies the benefits. The addition of high quality milk protein doubles the protein content while complementing the flavor and texture.


Café Mocha

Café Mocha

Hot coffee drink Made with cocoa and milk protein concentrate


VeggieMoo Dumpling with Reduced Sodium Sauce

VeggieMoo Dumpling with Reduced Sodium Sauce

Vegetable-stuffed dumplings that deliver an excellent source of protein.


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