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Cayuga Milk Ingredients


Cayuga Milk Ingredients was born from the vision of a small group of farmers in Central New York. We are 100% owned by this group of passionate farmers who are committed to producing the highest quality milk. Equally devoted to animal welfare and environmental stewardship, our farmers are thoughtful industry leaders dedicated to excellence. Cayuga Milk Ingredients does everything possible to ensure you get quality milk ingredients from a highly traceable source. Fresh, raw milk is delivered directly to our processing facility from fewer than 30 of our local dairy farms. All of Cayuga Milk Ingredients’ products are fully processed within hours of drawing milk from the cows. We use advanced technology to produce milk products that maintain the original nutritional integrity of milk and we offer the benefit of producing highly customizable ingredients. Each of our milk ingredient products can be scientifically tailored to meet the specific nutritional and functional needs of our customers’ applications. From the care of our herds to the care of our customers, quality is our primary focus.

15 Eagle Drive
Auburn, NY 13021
Phone: (315) 364-0003
Fax: (315) 364-0003

Milk & Cream


Halal, Industrial, Kosher, Metric Units (liters, ml, etc), Pasteurized, US Units (gallons, oz., etc)

Milk Powders

Nonfat Dry Milk

Halal, Heat Stable, Kosher, Low Nitrate/Low Nitrite, Low Spore, Low-Heat, Medium-Heat

Skimmed Milk Powder

Halal, Heat Stable, Kosher, Low Nitrate/Low Nitrite, Low Spore, Low-Heat, Medium-Heat

Whole Milk Powder

Halal, Heat Stable, Low Nitrate/Low Nitrite, Low Spore, Low-Heat, Medium-Heat

Milk Proteins

Milk Protein Concentrate (MPC)

Halal, Kosher

Milk Protein Isolate (MPI)

Halal, Kosher

MPC 40-42

Halal, Kosher

MPC 50-70

Halal, Kosher

MPC 80-85

Halal, Kosher

Other Dairy Products

Bovine Colostrum


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