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Sweet Grass Dairy

Sweet Grass Dairy Logo 533 Smith Avenue
Thomasville, GA 31792
+1 (229) 227 0752

Contact:  Jessica Little

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Sweet Grass Dairy is a grass-fed dairy operation that handcrafts cheese in the heart of the South. They are humane and sustainable farmers and have the great privilege of grazing their cows 365 days a year under the South Georgia sunshine, unconfined by barns. This is an uncommon practice that Sweet Grass Dairy is very proud of. Their cows have low stress, resulting in longer lives and higher-quality milk.

At Sweet Grass, they blend an artist's sense of creativity, inspiration, and innovation with the hard work, ethics, and time-honored skill of the craftsperson in each batch of cheese made. The result is world-class, grass-fed, incredibly flavorful cheese. Old World processes are mixed with new world flavors. All of the cheeses start with the freshness, purity, and taste of the milk.  

Sweet Grass Dairy continues to grow and evolve. They distribute cheese in over 38 states, fulfill cheese gift boxes year-round, and serve and educate guests at our Cheese Shop in Thomasville, Georgia. They have proudly won over 30 awards for their cheeses domestically and internationally over the years. Sweet Grass Dairy is committed to making only the finest, freshest, most flavorful, handcrafted cheeses available.

Meet the Cheesemaker

Sweet Grass Dairy Cheesemaker Image

Jeremy became a part of the Sweet Grass Dairy in February of 2002 after spending time working as a kitchen manager in Atlanta, Georgia. Having discovered his love of cooking while attending college at Florida State University, Jeremy hoped to work in fine dining, but he found the opportunity to be a part of the cheesemaking team at Sweet Grass Dairy impossible to pass up. Jeremy worked directly with Desiree Wehner, the business's co-founder and visionary, as well as Jean-Marc Maysonnave, a cheese consultant from the Pyrenees Mountains of France. Jeremy has experience working with many different styles of cheese, and his main focus is Old World-style cheese that highlights the nuances of the milk his team works with. Jeremy is currently co-owner of Sweet Grass Dairy with his wife Jessica, where he is head cheesemaker. Jeremy continually experiments with new product recipes and is passionate about teaching his team the craft of making cheese in an Old World tradition.

Discover Sweet Grass' Specialty Cheeses

Green Hill

cheeseGreen Hill is a double cream, soft-ripened cow's milk cheese made in the style of a Camembert. It has an unctuous, buttery flavor, a thin white bloomy rind, and a smooth, creamy texture. Each wheel is hand ladled and wrapped individually before we ship it out.

Shelf Life: 5 weeks

Raw Milk Cheese: No Cut: No Vacuum-packed retail cuts


  • 2017 - Second, American Cheese Society
    • 2017 - ThirdU.S. Championship Cheese Contest
    • 2015 - FirstAmerican Cheese Society
    • 2010 - SilverWorld Cheese Awards
    • 2008 - FirstAmerican Cheese Society
    • 2007 - FirstAmerican Cheese Society

Thomasville Tomme

cheeseA French table cheese made in the style of a Pyrenees mountain farmhouse tomme. This natural-rind, semi-soft cheese is aged for 60 to 90 days for a subtle yet complex earthy flavor and creamy texture.

Shelf Life: 365 days

Raw Milk Cheese: Yes Cut: Vacuum-packed retail; random weight


  • 2017 - Finalist, Good Food Award
    • 2017 - Goldsofi Awards
    • 2002 - FirstAmerican Cheese Society

Asher Blue

cheeseNamed after the Littles' second son, Asher Blue has a unique, natural rind and creamy-crumbly texture. This blue has a slightly pungent, mushroomy aromas and earthy, grassy flavors with an unexpectedly mild, salty finish.

Shelf Life: 365 days

Raw Milk Cheese: Yes Cut: Vacuum-packed retail; random weight


  • 2018 - Finalist, Good Food Award
    • 2017 - SilverWorld Cheese Awards 
    • 2015 - BronzeWorld Cheese Awards 
    • 2009 - BronzeWorld Cheese Awards