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Green Dirt Farm

Green Dirt Farm Logo PO Box 74
Weston, MO 64098
+1 (816) 386 2156

Contact:  Sarah Hoffmann

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Green Dirt Farm crafts award-winning, small batch, sheep and cow's milk cheeses on its farm just north of Kansas City, Missouri. They began cultivating their pastures, building the flock, and practicing the art of cheesemaking in 2002. They were doing the groundwork (literally!) to create fantastic cheeses in a sustainable, humane, and economically just way.

Since opening the commercial cheese kitchen in 2008, Green Dirt Farm has been thrilled and honored by the acclaim their cheeses have received. Their favorite brag is winning 31 prizes - 9 of which were 1st place! - in the American Cheese Society's "Oscars of Cheese" annual competitions. With cheese sales increasing, they began working with nearby small family farmers to purchase more sheep's milk in 2014 and added cow's milk in 2015.

All of the farmers are proud to be certified as environmentally responsible and Animal Welfare Approved®. So beyond enjoying their cheeses, Green Dirt Farm hopes you will feel proud to be supporting healthy pastures, happy animals, and the farmers and cheesemakers who make it all happen. Green Dirt thanks ewe, and you, so much for your support of their efforts!

Meet the Cheesemaker

Green Dirt Cheesemaker Image

Rachel Kleine started working for Green Dirt Farm in 2012. She learned the art and science of cheesemaking while apprenticing under Sarah Hoffmann, the founder of the company and original cheesemaker, and quickly discovered a passion for the work. With a culinary background, a desire to learn about traditional artisan crafts, and a love of consuming cheese, cheesemaking has been a serendipitous convergence of multiple interests of Rachel's. With only five years of experience in the industry, she is now the Head Cheesemaker at Green Dirt Farm, leading the team responsible for their award-winning lineup of cheeses.

Discover Green Dirt Farm's Specialty Cheeses

Woolly Rind

cheeseWoolly Rind is a bloomy rind aged cheese, so named from the bloom of edible mold on the rind. It is a classic lactic style cheese that undergoes progressive ripening as it ages. This means that the cheese ripens from the rind toward the center. Woolly Rind tastes buttery, tangy, and mushroomy. With age, the cheese gains earthy and beefy qualities. Its aroma frequently evokes thoughts of forest floor or fresh soil. It is a good option to introduce people to aged cheese, as it is relatively mild. Woolly Rind pairs well with Lambic and Saison beers, unoaked chardonnay, prosciutto, honey, or dark chocolate.

Shelf Life: 70 days

Raw Milk Cheese: No Cut: No vacuum-packed retail; random weight


  • 2017 - First, American Cheese Society
    • 2016 - Third, American Cheese Society
    • 2010 - SecondAmerican Cheese Society