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Healthy Aging

Healthy agingWith the number of older adults and seniors sharply increasing around the world, addressing their unique health and nutritional needs and well-being is especially important in order to extend healthy life expectancy. Among the rising public health concerns impacting today's seniors' independence and daily quality of life is sarcopenia, the age-related progressive loss of muscle mass and function that can begin as early as age 40.

A decline in protein intake with aging, such as due to decreased appetite or digestive and metabolic change, is among the factors contributing to loss of muscle mass and in turn a decline in health and loss of strength and physical function. Consuming a moderate amount of high-quality protein at each meal can also be a useful strategy to help maintain muscle mass and to help protect against the debilitating effects of sarcopenia.

Formulators can help older adults and seniors optimize protein intake in their daily food lifestyle through the development and introduction of wider choices of foods and beverages containing U.S. dairy proteins. U.S. whey protein has the advantage of being a high-quality protein source and is convenient to add to a variety of products that can be consumed throughout the day.