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From delicious cheeses to multifunctional and nutritious ingredients, the United States has a diverse portfolio of dairy offerings  to fulfill Southeast Asian customers' product innovation and business needs. Bookmark this portal page to quickly access curated news and information tailored to U.S. dairy buyers and end-users region-wide.


U.S. Center for Dairy Excellence Opens in Singapore

This new learning hub for our customers and partners in Southeast Asia will spark collaboration, ideation and exploration of U.S. Dairy as delicious and nutritious innovation solutions in regionally-tailored food and beverage applications. U.S. CDE will not only help deepen the connection of high-quality U.S. Dairy with local innovation and ideation but will also importantly support sustainable nutrition efforts across Southeast Asia. This first-of-its kind resource offers exciting prospects for future-minded developments to delight the region's consumers. Further explore the facility's benefits here.

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Up to Date with USDEC

This new communication series is designed to provide timely market information about U.S. dairy trade. During these uncertain times, it's as critical as ever to ensure our safe, wholesome and sustainably produced U.S. dairy supply reaches global communities.

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