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Up to Date with USDEC: New Milk Powder Research Insights

I’m Annie Bienvenue, supporting ingredients technical services for the U.S. Dairy Export Council. At the American Dairy Science Association’s annual meeting, I presented some of the results from our recently completed comparative benchmarking study, which examined skim milk powders from 4 regions around the world.

Conducted with the Food Innovation and Resource Centre at Singapore Polytechnic, our study tested several parameters related to the composition, functionality, and microbiology of skim milk powder. We also evaluated the powder’s performance in recombined UHT and evaporated milk applications. The results show that the specifications and performance of the powders is based on the individual suppliers, and not dependent upon the country of origin. Samples from the United States performed similarly to other origin powder.

Join us in September for a webinar with the authors, we’ll take a deeper dive into the findings and explore how U.S. skim milk powders can support your business needs. Stay tuned for a save the date. Visit ThinkUSAdairy.org for more information.

Up to Date with USDEC: Exclusive Edition

May 6, 2020

U.S. Dairy Market Update 

In the U.S. and around the world, the impact of covid-19 remains the predominant topic of conversation and the driving force behind global dairy markets. In the U.S., demand for dairy products going to foodservice-restaurants, hotels and catering businesses-has fallen dramatically as stay-at-home orders remain in effect for most of the country. Prior to covid-19, around 40% of butter and cheese produced in the United States went into domestic foodservice. A surge in retail demand as shoppers shifted to eating at home has been welcome, but it has not been enough to offset the decline in foodservice consumption.

This led to a sharp downturn in cheese and butter prices. Roughly 94% of U.S. cheese and 96% of U.S. butter are sold to the domestic market, so severe shocks to domestic demand have a strong impact on butter and cheese prices. (U.S. NDM/SMP and whey are generally geared toward the international market, so those prices are governed by international supply and demand fundamentals.)  

The covid-19 disruption to U.S. foodservice combined with strong U.S. spring milk production resulted in an oversupplied market. As such processors, cooperatives and farmers could not always find markets for their milk. Some milk was diverted to more storable products, but in many cases, the milk needed to be dumped as a last resort. However, U.S. dairy is still readily available for export markets and shipping logistics continue to run relatively smoothly


U.S. Dairy working 24/7, 365 days a year 
Resilience has long been a characteristic of U.S. dairy farmers and processors. It can be seen again in their approach to COVID-19. Read about their dedication and commitment to delivering quality milk and dairy products before, during and after a pandemic at National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) social media campaign #dairyneverstops.  


Vilsack outlines the U.S. Dairy challenge and USDEC export plans 
Tom Vilsack, USDEC President and CEO, and former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture under President Obama, talked with U.S. media in April about how COVID-19 is affecting the U.S. dairy industry and USDEC business plans. During a podcast with Agri-Talk, Secretary Vilsack emphasized U.S. Dairy was ready, willing and able to continue serving export and domestic markets. Hear an excerpt of his interview here.  


Earth Day elicits U.S. dairy sustainability record 

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22 proved an ideal backdrop to review the U.S. Dairy's unmatched sustainability credentials. The U.S. Dairy Spotlight story, "U.S. Dairy Delivers Sustainable Nutrition," explains how U.S. Dairy is dedicated to caring for the planet while feeding the world. The U.S. Dairy Export Council has also developed a new brochure detailing U.S. dairy farmers' unwavering commitment to responsible production practices and continuous improvement across the value chain, demonstrating positive impact from farm to table.  


USA Cheese is going social 
The USA Cheese Guild - created by USDEC as an educational resource hub - has launched a new social media campaign dedicated to building the fanbase of "Cheese from the USA" consumers in 10 countries around the world. With over 20 different social media accounts globally, we are bringing consumers top of the line content showcasing the variety, versatility, craftsmanship and innovation of the U.S. Cheese community. We encourage you to follow our global feeds as well as your respective local one to learn more: Global Accounts @USAcheeseGuild: Instagram; Facebook; LinkedIn.


Keeping tabs on evolving import requirements 
USDEC's Market Access & Regulatory Affairs (MARA) team and overseas offices are monitoring global markets and compiling all market changes as they occur to expedite U.S. dairy shipments and get products to those who need them. At least 14 markets have temporarily revised import regulations in recent weeks to facilitate food security during the coronavirus crisis. They include Australia, Colombia, Costa Rica, the European Union, Egypt, Indonesia, Switzerland, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

Please contact your local USDEC Representative.

Up to Date with USDEC: Inaugural Message

Hello, this is Kara McDonald, supporting Global Marketing Communications at the U.S. Dairy Export Council.  

Welcome, to the inaugural issue of Up To Date with USDEC! 

This new communications series is designed to provide timely market information about U.S. dairy trade. During these uncertain times it's as critical as ever to ensure our safe, wholesome and sustainably produced U.S. dairy supply reaches global communities.

U.S. dairy farmers and suppliers are deemed essential services, working around the clock to safely continue operations during this pandemic. As events are postponed, this is the first in a series of virtual resources underway to deliver reliable information from market insights to innovation ideas. In the meantime, we invite you to visit ThinkUSAdairy.org.

Our goal is to stay connected and deliver reliable information to support and inspire your business. Reach out to your local USDEC representative with any questions or ideas for topics to cover. Together with my colleagues in markets around the world, We wish you the best. Stay safe and be well.