Webinar: Seizing Snacking Opportunities with U.S. Dairy

November 25, 2020

U.S. dairy protein snacks

Whether as a sweet or savoury treat or as a source of nourishment between or in place of meals, snacks play an important role in consumers' daily diets and social connections. Join this webinar for expert insight and strategic analysis on consumer and market trends driving the global snackification trend, including how it has evolved during the pandemic and what's in store for the new normal.

Discover new snack-attack satisfying product concepts marrying Southeast Asian flavors with the versatile, sodium-reducing advantages of U.S. dairy permeate, gaining formulation tips to position your business for success in seizing snackification innovation opportunities. The webinar will feature presentations from the following speakers: 

  • Jared Koerten, Industry Manager - Food & Nutrition, Euromonitor International
  • Martin Teo, Technical Director - Food Applications, USDEC Southeast Asia

The webinar will air at 11 AM in Singapore (10 PM EST). Register here. To request additional information about this webinar, please email Keith Meyer (