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  • Mango Cottage Cheese Dip

    Spice up your snacks with this flavorful cottage cheese dip.

  • Satisfying Pasta Salad

    High-protein pasta salad made with low-fat cottage cheese.

  • Soft-Fresh Cheeses

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    Learn about soft-fresh cheeses produced in the United States including cottage cheese, cream cheese, feta, mascarpone and more.

  • Welcome to IFT 2016!

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    NEWS RELEASE    FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Ashley Cobert 414-573-6146      Consumer-driven Prototypes Featuring U.S. Dairy at IFT16 Stop by Booth 1931 to sample a yogurt barley soup, samosa and mango chutney cottage cheese dip   

  • Soups & Sides

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    The humble beginnings of soup-a simple, filling and easy-to-digest dish that can stretch available ingredients to feed a crowd-evolved into a nutritional and culinary staple that helps define modern regional cuisines. Combinations of meats, vegetables and grains are popular soup ingredients, and dai

  • Common Questions

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    Veja as resposta de perguntas frequentes sobre as proteínas do soro do leite e ingredientes do soro do leite.

  • Common Questions

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    Get answers to commonly asked questions about whey proteins and whey ingredients.

  • Preguntas frecuentes

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    Obtenga respuestas a las preguntas frecuentes sobre ingredientes y proteínas de suero lácteo.