Permeate Bakery Workshop

November 17, 2023

Shanghai, China

Permeate Bakery Workshop

USDEC is collaborating with the China Association of Bakery and Confectionary Industry (CABCI) and Jiangnan University to hold a full-day bakery seminar on Nov. 17 in Shanghai. The workshop will focus on demonstrating the uses and benefits of dairy permeates in bakery applications and include presentations of the opportunities and benefits that milk and whey permeate provide in bakery applications, from cost savings to improving the outcome of the final product.

It is primarily designed to help expedite the use of permeate but also other U.S. dairy ingredients in the general bakery sector, including in fresh retail-packed products and ready-to-use blends.

The event will feature presentations, live demonstrations, and tastings from a lineup of expert speakers, including Chef Dong Han, Liaoning Vocational Technical College of Modern Service; Chef Yuwei Lin experienced and renowned Taiwanese baker and owner of three Daico Bakery outlets in Beijing; Dr. Gary Hou, R&D director with South Korean food manufacturer SPC Group and a long-time consultant to USDEC; Lina Zhang, associate professor at Jiangnan University; and leaders of CABCI and USDEC staff.

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Invitation and Agenda in Chinese

Tentative Agenda

Welcome Speech by Leaders of CABCI

Welcome Speech by USDEC
Annie Bienvenue, U.S. Dairy Export Council
Chang Su, Representative, USDEC China

Presentation by Dr. Gary Hou
R&D Director, SPC Group

Presentation by Chef Dong Han
Liaoning Vocational Technical College of Modern Service

Presentation by Dr. Lina Zhang
Associate Professor, Jiangnan University

Global Application of Dairy Permeate
Chang Su, Representative, USDEC China

Lunch Break

Demonstration by Chef Yuwei Lin
Experienced and renowned Taiwanese baker,
Owner of three bakery outlets of Daico Bakery in Beijing

USDEC Member Participation