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U.S. Dairy Conference in Idaho


Jake LeRoy
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U.S. Dairy Conference Explores Innovative Solutions to Meet Global Consumer Trends

Industry-leading experts present research and insights on U.S. dairy ingredients and practices   

Boise, Idaho, September 15, 2015 - Food and beverage professionals around the world are discovering how U.S. dairy's expanding product portfolio and research are creating next-generation ingredients and new applications. The U.S. Dairy Export Council® (USDEC), together with the United Dairymen of Idaho, created a forum to explore these advancements at the first U.S. Dairy Innovation Conference in Boise, Idaho, Sept. 9-10.  

Food and beverage formulators and processors from China, Egypt, Mexico, Taiwan, Vietnam and the United States explored how U.S. dairy ingredients create new, innovative food and beverages that appeal to consumers. To help attendees understand how to meet marketplace demands and integrate dairy ingredients, the conference was largely devoted to educational sessions led by global experts.  

Speakers shared their knowledge on specific dairy advancements within key global growth areas: dairy proteins, milk powder and cheese, and dairy coproducts.

  • Dairy Proteins: Presentations during the dairy protein session included marketplace trends, whey protein research, implementing proteins in product applications, nutritional benefits of dairy proteins and the role of milk and whey ingredients in food aid.
  • Milk Powder and Cheese: This session covered new opportunities for U.S. milk powder and cheese. Topics included the characteristics and quality of milk and whey powders, the formulation and manufacturing of process cheese and an interactive presentation on Cheddar cheese flavor.
  • Coproducts: The final session dove into the high volume of coproducts, such as whey and milk permeate, explaining each advantage and unique use. Presentations ranged from opportunities to utilize dairy coproducts and utilization of coproducts in Asian cuisine to current efforts targeting improved food safety and traceability.  

The United Dairymen of Idaho (UDI) co-hosted and funded the conference. UDI helps promote Idaho's dairy farm families and increase consumption of Idaho dairy products, positioning Idaho as the innovation hub of U.S. dairy.  

Visit for more information on the U.S. Dairy Innovation Conference and for additional dairy trends, recipe ideas and technical insights for using U.S. dairy in creative ways.