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Discover how versatile U.S. dairy ingredients and products can be when used in food and beverage product applications or in foodservice menu items by browsing through hundreds of innovative formulas and recipes. Search by keyword, application or industry segment, dairy product and/or specialty focus.

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  • Sports Nutrition

    • Milk & Honey Bedtime Beverage
      Providing a warm escape, this creamy and nutritious drink is a delicious way to wind down after a busy day or intense workout.
    • Whey Protein Cherry Switchel
      When dairy protein is added to a centuries-old beverage like switchel (a vinegar and ginger drink), consumers get a refreshed option with added value.
    • Yogurt-Dipped Peach Snack Bar
      This snack bar is a convenient way to add whey protein to the diets of on-the-go consumers.