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DairyAmerica, Inc. is a federated marketing organization comprised of 4 dairy cooperative owners; Agri-Mark Inc., California Dairies Inc., O-AT-KA Milk Products Inc., and United Dairymen of Arizona. DairyAmerica delivers nutrition to more than 60 countries each year, providing full logistic and documentation support to our partners. With annual exports of more than 200,000 metric tons for the past several years, the DairyAmerica brand has become one of the most recognized brands worldwide. Our products are found in cheese, yogurt, confectionary, bakery, UHT, condensed/sweetened condensed milk, infant formula, and other product applications across the globe.

7815 N. Palm Ave.
Suite 250
Fresno, CA 93711-5531
Phone: (559) 251-0992
Fax: (559) 251-1078

Milk Powders

Buttermilk Powder

Halal, Kosher

Nonfat Dry Milk

Halal, High-Heat, Kosher, Low Spore, Low-Heat, Medium-Heat

Skimmed Milk Powder

Halal, High-Heat, Kosher, Low Spore, Low-Heat, Medium-Heat

Milk Proteins

Milk Protein Isolate (MPI)

Halal, Kosher

MPC 80-85

Halal, Kosher

Other Dairy Products

Dairy blends

Halal, Kosher

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