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Contact:  Alise Sjostrom

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Jer-Lindy Farms and Redhead Creamery LLC is a family-run business based in central Minnesota. Starting out with 70 holsteins and 40 acres of land back in 1979, Jerry and Linda have since expanded the farm to include 200 registered Holsteins - and a few brown Swiss - and 300 acres of land.  Decisions are based on science and best practices, as well as choosing high-quality dairy genetics that ensure high milk components for cheese yield. The farm is recognized nationally for its sustainability and innovation efforts.

Jerry and Linda have four daughters - all redheads. The third, Alise, dreamt of making her own cheese on the farm after she visited a farmstead cheese company when she was just 16. Following that initial visit, Alise studied cheese intensely, even designing her own major focusing on food marketing and food quality/safety at the University of Minnesota. She went on to work for artisan cheese businesses in Vermont and Wisconsin and received her artisan cheesemaking license from the Vermont Institute of Artisan Cheese.

Redhead Creamery, named after the four sisters, started in 2014. The creamery has an on-site cheese shop to taste and purchase cheeses and other locally made products with tours and events available year-round.

Meet the Cheesemaker

Redhead Creamery Cheesemaker Image

Alise Sjostrom, known as "Cheese Alise" since she was 17, took on a passion for cheesemaking early in life. She is well into her full-time life as an on-farm cheesemaker working hand-in-hand with family. Alise grew up on the farm where she now lives in central Minnesota. After visiting Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese on the National 4-H Dairy Conference tour, she came home to tell her parents that she was going to make cheese on the farm someday. After good advice to focus on marketing and learn cheesemaking later, Alise focused on dairy food marketing in college, then joined national food broker Acosta for a year after graduation. She then followed her husband's job to Vermont, the hotbed of artisan cheese, where she got a job at Grafton Village Cheese Company and visited nearly two dozen farmstead plants in the northeast. They moved to Wisconsin after two years, where she worked at Crave Brothers, and then moved home to join a goat cheese dairy and began working on her own farm. The family milks 200 cows and uses 8% of their milk for the cheese plant.

Discover Redhead Creamery's Specialty Cheeses

Little Lucy Brie


This smooth and creamy brie is very special to Redhead Creamery. Named after Lucas and Alise's daughter, Lucy - it's small, cute and simply irresistible. Perfect for two to three for an appetizer, on the grill or baked with pistachios and balsamic, Little Lucy Brie will have you coming back for more.

This cheese continues to break down (or gets creamier) as it ages. Depending on your taste, enjoy the Little Lucy Brie while young for a more grassy, light mouth feel. If you like it a bit more stinky and creamy, let it ripen in the cooler a little longer (1-2 weeks). It will continue to break down from the outside in and will be soft and gooey at room temperature.

Shelf Life: 14 weeks

Raw Milk Cheese: No Cut: Wrapped in cheese-paper; random weight


North Fork Whiskey Washed Munster

cheeseNamed after the North Fork of the Crow River, based in Redhead Creamery's back field. This French-style munster is washed with Minnesota 14 whiskey made at Panther Distillery in nearby Osakis, Minnesota. It's creaminess, stink, and pungency is exactly what they were going for. North Fork makes a great grilled cheese and appetizer when warmed up. Similar to the Little Lucy, North Fork will continue to break down as it ages. The middle will become gooey with time, and the flavor will increase in depth. Best served at room temperature with a good wheat beer or deep red wine.

Shelf Life: 4 months

Raw Milk Cheese: No Cut: Wrapped in cheese-paper; random weight


  • 2017 - Fourth, Minnesota State Fair