U.S. Specialty Cheese Gallery

The United States has a long and enviable history of cheese making dating back to the 1600s when the first settlers arrived in America. Since then, the U.S. cheese industry has grown exponentially to become the world's single largest cheese producer with over five million metric tons of cheese manufactured every year.

While a major producer of commodity cheese, the United States is also home to hundreds of specialty cheeses, from European- and Hispanic-styles—among many others—to hundreds of American Originals; many of which have earned countless awards in globally recognized cheese competitions.

This Online Gallery is specifically designed to feature these amazing specialty products and the people who make them. All the companies featured are excited at the prospect of meeting new customers and having their cheeses sold to consumers all around the world. Begin your journey by choosing a state, peruse the featured companies and discover their stories and fine products. From there, you'll be just a click away from buying these amazing U.S. cheeses.

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