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Micellar Casein Concentrate

Micellar caseinManufacture of micellar casein concentrates (MCC) and microfiltered milk protein concentrate (MMPC) from milk by microfiltration produces a range of compositions, depending on the amount of milk-derived whey protein removed. Further concentration and diafiltration can increase the total protein and decrease the amount of lactose in the final ingredient.

Unlike milk protein concentrates and isolates, the microfiltration process will alter the casein-to-whey-protein ratio compared to that found in milk. MCC or MMPC cannot be produced by combining separately produced casein (caseinate) and whey proteins.

Composition of MCC/MMPC

Product MCC/MMPCProtein %Fat %Lactose %Ash %Moisture %
42 41.5 min 1.25 max 51.0 max 6.0 max 5.0 max
70 69.5 min 2.50 max 16.0 max 8.0 max 5.0 max
80 79.5 min* 3.00 max 10.0 max 8.0 max 6.0 max
85 84.5 min* 3.00 max 3.0 max 8.0 max 6.0 max
90 89.5 min* 3.00 max 1.0 max 8.0 max 7.0 max

(*)  Protein content over 80% is reported on a dry basis, all other parameters are reported "as is" aAmerican Dairy Products Institute proposed standards, 2014    

On the Label

MCC and MMPC products are labeled to reflect their protein content.  

Typical Applications

Potential commercial applications of MCC are ingredients for shelf-stable beverages and smoothies, protein fortification of dairy foods, ingredients for bakery, meat products and nutritional bars. 

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