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Why U.S. Milk Powder

Large and Rising Production

U.S. manufacturers continue to boost year-on-year production of skim milk powder/nonfat dry milk (SMP/NDM). This upward trajectory attests to rising customer interest in the United States as a quality, large-volume supplier and partner that can fulfill their rising milk powder needs across a wide range of product applications. Moreover, the volume and share of exported U.S. SMP continues to grow in tandem with rising production. Today, over 50% of U.S. SMP is exported, with the United States accounting for approximately a quarter of the world's SMP production.

US Nonfat Dry Milk and Skim Milk Powder Production 2015-2019

Expanding Portfolio

U.S. manufacturers are also ramping up production and exports of a broadening range of milk powders beyond NDM and SMP. Several U.S. dairy manufacturers are now expanding production of whole milk powder (WMP) or in the process of building new plants. This portfolio expansion is primarily in response to export demand, reflecting the U.S. dairy industry's ever-strengthening dedication to global customer needs. This volume will continue to grow as further new WMP facilities currently in the pipeline come on-line in the years ahead.

US Whole Milk Powder Production 2015-2019

Enhancing Performance

The U.S. dairy industry recognizes that customers have different specification needs for milk powders, depending on the end-use application. U.S. milk powder manufacturers utilize world-class technology and are investing in upgraded processes and facilities to consistently meet and exceed customers' rigorous quality and sensory specifications for milk powders. Together with the United States' strict safety and quality standards, year-round production and growing international focus, the U.S. dairy industry is well positioned to supply global customers' growing and diverse needs for quality milk powders.