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Why U.S. Butter & Milkfat

U.S. Supply Capacity

With an ample rising milk supply and year-round butter production, the United States has expanded its annual butter output by 50 percent over the last decade. U.S. butter production rose to 834,000 metric tons in 2016, up 21% from 2010, though production has been stable in recent years. The United States capitalizes on its expertise in information technology at the farm level to maintain a strong commitment to a growing butter supply.

U.S. Butter Production

Rising Export Focus

The United States dairy fat industry recognizes that the international marketplace offers an attractive channel to expand sales and is eager to deliver quality products that meet requirements and process needs of customers around the world. In 2016, U.S. butter exports reached 16,000 metric tons. Despite a decrease in exports compared to previous years, the industry remains committed to being a preferred supply partner for years to come.

US Butter Exports

Industry Innovation

The United States recognizes the global marketplace is changing and understands the need to supply a broad range of butter products that are economical, nutritious and meet the high standards customers around the world seek. New and expanding R&D facilities across the United States are eager to provide international customers with a partner in the innovation process. Be on the cutting edge by fractionating fats for industrial use, formulating unique dairy blends for ingredient use or developing a special compound butter at the food service level. Team up with a U.S. manufacturer and make an idea a reality.

Quality First

The U.S. butter industry has developed stringent standards when it comes to food security and food safety. Beyond self- imposed quality initiatives, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) work closely with the U.S. butter industry to ensure safe and consistent guidelines are maintained beginning on the farm and followed through to the consumer. The phrase "quality first" describes the U.S. butter products that enter the global marketplace.