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Mozzarella Company

Mozzarella Company 2944 Elm Street
Dallas, TX 75226
+1 (214) 741 4072

Contact: Ross Adami

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Paula Lambert fell in love with fresh mozzarella in Italy and decided to bring the art of cheesemaking home to Texas. Since 1982, her tiny downtown factory in Dallas has made award-winning cheeses the old- fashioned way - by hand. Using fresh milk and the finest Texas ingredients, Paula and her staff consistently produce cheeses that grace the pages of gourmet magazines and delight the taste buds of cheese lovers across the country.

Although the Mozzarella Company now produces almost 200,000 pounds of cheese a year and more than 30 different products, including a blue cheese, butter and a torta of mascarpone layered with pecan pralines, one thing still hasn't changed. Each and every cheese is made completely by hand. Mozzarella Company cheesemakers practice the art of cheesemaking to ensure that every bite exceeds your expectations. Their cheeses are all made completely by hand following centuries-old recipes using the freshest ingredients.

Meet the Cheesemaker

Paula LambertPaula Lambert founded the Mozzarella Company in 1982. Today her company has grown from making a few pounds of fresh mozzarella to producing over 30 artisanal cheeses, all of which Paula has created and developed. Paula's cheeses have won hundreds of awards and accolades and are known far and wide for their excellence. Applauded as one of America's pioneer artisanal cheesemakers, Paula is the author of The Cheese Lover's Cookbook and Guide (2000) and Cheese, Glorious Cheese! (2007). Paula takes an active role in many professional organizations including The American Cheese Society, Les Dames d'Escoffier, The Culinary Trust, AIWF, WCR, and NASFT. She currently serves on the boards of Dallas' Better Business Bureau and Uptown Dallas Public Improvement District. Her accolades include the James Beard Foundation's Who's Who of Food and Beverage in America, the Career Achievement Award from Mary Baldwin College, the Award of Excellence from the IACP as Entrepreneur of the Year and from the Dallas Historical Society for Creative Arts. She is a past-president of the IACP.

Discover Mozzarella Company's Specialty Cheeses

Fresh Mozzarella

Fresh MozzarellaFresh Mozzarella from the Mozzarella Company is freshly handmade and hand formed using classic Italian traditions. It is soft and elastic when young and gets creamier and softer as it ages. It has a mild, milky, fresh flavor that is faintly soured. Lightly salted and melts very well. Perfect on salads, pasta, or pizza, or just for snacking.

Shelf Life: 3-4 weeks

Raw Milk Cheese: No Cut: Vacuum-packed retail; exact weight


  • 2006 - First, American Cheese Society
  • 2005 - Top Ten of the South's Best Cheeses, Southern Foodways Alliance
  • 2003 - ThirdAmerican Cheese Society
  • 2001 - First, American Cheese Society
  • 1994 - Best CheeseNatural Association for Specialty Foods
  • 1989 - FirstAmerican Cheese Society
  • 1987 - Third, American Cheese Society
  • 1986 - FirstAmerican Cheese Society
  • 1985 - FirstAmerican Cheese Society


CaciottaCaciotta is Mozzarella Company's Texas version of Monterey Jack. This flavorful and savory cheese becomes smoother and creamier as it ages. It is available Plain in its traditional version and also flavored with a variety of herbs and spices and chiles. A versatile cheese, it's great for snacking as well as melting. Applications include pizzas, quesadillas, grilled sandwiches, and egg dishes.

Shelf Life: 18 months

Raw Milk Cheese: No Cut: Vacuum-packed retail; exact weight


  • 1994 - Second, American Cheese Society
  • 1989 - Second, American Cheese Society
  • 1987 - ThirdAmerican Cheese Society
  • 1986 - Second, American Cheese Society

Smoked Scamorza

Smoked ScamorzaMozzarella Company's Smoked Scamorza is a semi soft cheese with an elastic texture when young, becoming smooth and dense in texture as it ages. It is mild and buttery with a smoky exterior. This hand-formed type of mozzarella is smoked over pecan shells and hand-waxed. Great for snacking, pizzas, quesadillas, grilled sandwiches, and salads and melts very well.

Shelf Life: 2-3 months

Raw Milk Cheese: No Cut: Vacuum-packed retail; exact weight


  • 2008 - Third, American Cheese Society
  • 2007 - Second, American Cheese Society
  • 2006 - FirstAmerican Cheese Society
  • 1995 - ThirdAmerican Cheese Society

Queso Blanco with Chiles and Epazote

Queso Blanco with Chiles and EpazoteQueso Blanco with Chiles and Epazote is fresh and moist and crumbles easily. It softens but does not melt when heated and has a milky, clean flavor. Features zippy green chiles and refreshing epazote herbs. The small discs are hand-formed in Dallas in the traditional Mexican method. An ideal choice for Mexican dishes.

Shelf Life: 2 months

Raw Milk Cheese: No Cut: Vacuum-packed retail; exact weight


  • 2016 - Second, American Cheese Society
  • 2012 - Third, American Cheese Society
  • 2011 - ThirdAmerican Cheese Society
  • 2010 - FirstAmerican Cheese Society
  • 2009 - SecondAmerican Cheese Society
  • 2008 - SecondAmerican Cheese Society
  • 2003 - ThirdAmerican Cheese Society

Deep Ellum Blue

Deep Ellum BlueSoft with a Blue Exterior Mold. Creamy, earthy, foresty, and slightly yeasty with gentle blue overtones. A Dallas Original. A blue cheese for people who don't like blue cheeses. Delicious on salads or just for snacking.

Shelf Life: 9 months

Raw Milk Cheese: No Cut: Vacuum-packed retail; exact weight


  • 2016 - Third, American Cheese Society
  • 2014 - First, American Cheese Society