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While traditionally only part of Western fare, over the past couple decades, cheese has become a more familiar food in the diet of many cultures not customarily consuming it. As global appetites for cheese continue to grow, the U.S. cheese industry is well suited to supply the increased demand. 

In fact, the United States offers hundreds of varieties and styles perfectly crafted to meet global customers' and consumers'desire for enjoyable, great-tasting cheese. As a country of immigrants, many of our traditions reflect our ancestry, and one of those traditions is a love for cheese. Using centuries-old recipes and traditional methods, an industry was born with the first settlers. Today, the U.S. cheese industry is an international center of cheesemaking excellence and innovation. 

Come explore how our industry can help move your business forward with high-quality, safe and functional cheese ingredients and products. 

Why US Cheese

Why U.S. Cheese

As a buyer or an end-user of cheese, you are most likely looking for the best products or ingredients to set your business apart from the competition. Your need for adequate and consistent supply, as well as dedication to outstanding customer service to your own market, is what drives the U.S. dairy industry to be the best global supplier it can be.

Cheese Variety and Affordability

Your supply options of some popular cheeses might be at risk. Click and read-on to find out how it can affect you and how you can help.

Resources & Insights

A collection of downloadable and printable publications and materials is available to global customers who wish to further their knowledge and understanding of U.S. cheeses, their nutritional benefits and applications. Consumer tools are also accessible to assist in promoting U.S. cheese. Check-out these valuable resources!

Formulas & Recipes

Whether you are a food & beverage manufacturer or a foodservice operator, there is a U.S. cheese formula or recipe to suit your needs. Hundreds of innovative ideas are at your fingertips. 

Berry Cheesecake Smoothie

Berry Cheesecake Smoothie

All the flavors of the classic dessert in a drinkable form – Yum!


Hash Brown Casserole with Aged Cheddar

Hash Brown Casserole with Aged Cheddar

This taste sensation combines aged cheddar with delicious hash browns to create a flavorful casserole that offers a convenient breakfast option.


Cheesy Dip for Veggies

Cheesy Dip for Veggies

A delicious, all-natural layered cheese dip