IFT 2020

July 13–15, 2020

IFT 2020

Consumers today ask a lot of their foods and beverages. They want delicious global flavors with balanced nutrition and products made from ingredients raised and produced using sustainable methods.

Watch this short video to see how the U.S. dairy industry can help you meet these demands.

Our special access webinar U.S. Dairy: Innovation Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow not only offers insight into U.S. Dairy's sustainability edge, but also introduces the range of exciting resources and information we're sharing in conjunction with this year's virtual IFT.

The comprehensive information featured spans topics from sustainability to insights that inspire, the latest research on protein processing and more. When you visit our page at the SHIFT20, you can:

  • Explore global menu trends-from drinks and appetizers to desserts and more-that activate dairy ingredients to deliver on flavor and nutrition
  • See highlights from the 2020 New Product Student Competition
  • Search our virtual supplier locator to learn more about how to connect with our members.
  • Visit these online symposia to explore how consumer demand for sustainably produced high protein ingredients is driving the need for more efficient processing/drying technologies, learn how the use of artificial intelligence/machine learning is being utilized from farm to fork, as well as uncover the impact of nutrient profiling on front of pack labels and consumer food choices.
  • Access a research brief comparing commercial processing of dairy and plant protein ingredients
  • Engage with subject matter experts
  • Take note of U.S. Dairy's 2050 Environmental Stewardship Goals and read more about the industry's impressive sustainability commitments

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Latest Research and Insights

food ingredients first webinar intro slide
Protein Snacks Reimagined
Don't miss this chance to learn about creating winning new dairy protein snack opportunities that delight and nourish consumers. Hear category insights from Lu Ann Williams, Director of Innovation at Innova Market Insights as well as innovation and formulation tips from Sharon Gerdes, Certified Food Scientist and owner of DairyTech Communications.

bars bites gels monograph cover
Enhancing Nutrition Bars, Bites and Gels with U.S. Dairy Proteins
Clinical nutrition research has demonstrated that foods containing high quality protein contribute positively to muscle growth and recovery which impacts overall health across all life stages. This monograph discusses the benefits of using U.S. dairy ingredients in protein-containing bars, bites, and gels alongside sample formulations as innovation inspiration.

sustainability resource

U.S. Dairy Sustainability
Explore U.S. Dairy's status as a global leader in sustainability. Learn about the U.S. dairy industry's commitment to environmental stewardship and continuous improvement, including innovations and efficiencies across the dairy supply chain, as well as information on the broader impact of U.S. Dairy's sustainability accomplishments and goals. Hint: This resource is also an excellent "cheat sheet" for the quiz above.

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