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Updates from our global offices, covering news and insights from around the world. We invite you to check back frequently to stay current on what's happening with U.S Dairy. Also stay connected through LinkedIn at the Think USAdairy page and share your U.S. Dairy sightings. 

recipe supplement cover

Diversity and Quality of U.S. Cheeses Complement Innovative Southeast Asian Recipes

December 5, 2018

The latest Cuisine & Wine Asia recipe supplement features six chefs' innovative integration of U.S. cheeses into Southeast Asian recipes, drawing on U.S. cheese's versatility and quality to complement diverse local cuisine. Experience the delicious creativity of Asian dishes incorporating a variety of U.S. cheeses with impressive flavors and textures.

United States Ambassador to Vietnam, Daniel Kritenbrink

Customers Introduced to Quality, Value and Versatility of U.S. Cheeses at Food & Hotel Hanoi

Hanoi, Vietnam | November 29, 2018

United States Ambassador to Vietnam, Daniel Kritenbrink, spoke at the U.S. Dairy booth during the Food & Hotel Hanoi 2018 trade show. Customers were greeted with a wide selection of high quality U.S. cheese varieties to sample.

Japan Foodservice Tradeshow

U.S. Cheese Quality and Varieties Featured at Japan Foodservice Association Tradeshow

November 13, 2018 | Japan

U.S. cheese quality and varieties were featured at the Japan Foodservice Association tradeshow with Monterey Jack, Colby Jack, and Pepper Jack on mini-pizzas and potato salad with U.S. Cream Cheese. U.S. whey protein can also offer great nutrition for the aging population as featured in a delicious smoothie.

Dairy Proteins and Permeates: Ideal Nutrition-Boosting Ingredients in Ready-to-Drink Beverages

November 12, 2018

With the rise of social media, the speed at which new food and drink trends emerge and change is startling. As a result, brands need to innovate quickly to remain relevant, without compromising on product quality or nutritional value.

Check out the article in the October 2018 issue of Asia Pacific Food Industry.

U.S. Cheese display at reception in Hong Kong.

U.S. Specialty Cheese Reception in Hong Kong

November 8, 2018Hong Kong

Specialty U.S. cheese varieties take center stage at a reception in Hong Kong connecting customers with both U.S. dairy farmers and cheese company brokers/suppliers. Our gratitude to Kurt Tong, US Consul General, and his wife, Mika, for hosting the reception showcasing high quality, award-winning cheeses from the United States.

USDEC Member Companies Demonstrate Long-Term Commitment Towards Partnerships

November 8, 2018 | Shanghai, China

Featuring our safe, trusted, global dairy supply capabilities and long-term commitment towards partnerships, USDEC staff and six member companies met with business leaders at the inaugural China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai.

Japan Reception

U.S. Farmers and Specialty Cheesemakers’ Passion on Display in Tokyo

November 7, 2018 | Tokyo, Japan

The range of quality and innovation from passionate U.S. farmers to creative specialty cheesemakers was on display in Tokyo earlier this week. Japan food companies met with U.S. cheese makers/traders and farmers to highlight our dedication to serving global markets.

USDEC at annual meeting

USDEC Thanks U.S. Dairy Farmers and State & Regional Promotion Groups at Annual Meeting

November 6, 2018 | Phoenix, AZ

Extending a huge thanks to our U.S. dairy farmers and State & Regional promotion groups at the annual meeting for supporting USDEC's efforts in global markets. USDEC featured savory cookies and highlighted some of the people and partnerships delivering more U.S. Dairy to customers around the world.

FIRC baked goods creations

Creative Halloween-Themed Treats Showcase U.S. Permeate’s Versatility

October 31, 2018 | Singapore

Singapore's Food Innovation and Resource Centre got into the Halloween spirit and unleashed their culinary creativity, showcasing various Halloween-themed bakery items using U.S. permeate during a hands-on training workshop for Vietnamese bakery professionals. In addition to sampling the spooky treats, the workshop participants also learned about the functional advantages and wide array of innovation opportunities that U.S. permeate offers.

Diplomats taste U.S. Cheese

Varieties and Value of U.S. Cheese Offer Consumers Exciting Flavors to Fit into Local Cuisine

October 28, 2018 | Qatar and Kuwait

The varieties and value of U.S. cheese offer consumers exciting flavors to fit into local cuisine. Political figures representing the U.S. in Kuwait and Qatar respectively tasted its outstanding quality first-hand as they sampled an array of U.S. cheeses available at local supermarkets.

Pictured to the left: William Grant, Chargé d'Affaires at the U.S. Embassy in Qatar, visits a supermarket in Lulu, Qatar to taste the exceptional U.S. cheeses that pair well with local dishes.

Pictured to the right: Lawrence Silverman, U.S. ambassador to Kuwait, in conjunction with the "Discover America" event at The Sultan Center in Kuwait, experiences the range of U.S. cheeses local consumers can explore.

Students learning during USA Cheese Specialist Program

USA Cheese Specialist Certification Program Launch

October 17, 2018Dubai, UAE

USDEC launched the USA Cheese Specialist Certification Program to unlock culinary creativity using award-winning U.S. specialty cheeses. Designed for foodservice and retail, the global cheese education program debuted in partnership with the International Centre for Culinary Arts (ICCA) in Dubai. Twenty young chefs from nine nations went through two days of hands-on training, learning the basics of hashtag#UScheese and how to use it in culinary applications.

JU partnership tour

USDEC Partnership with Jiangnan University Creates Opportunities for U.S. Suppliers

October 12, 2018 | Wuxi, China

The USDEC partnership with Jiangnan University creates opportunities for U.S. suppliers to develop innovative, market-friendly product formulations that leverage the versatility and functionality of U.S. dairy ingredients. Glanbia Nutritionals and Milk Specialties Global representatives met with Jiangnan University staff while touring the in-market facilities that will help them work more collaboratively with customers.

pitosky at health forum

U.S. Dairy Protein Health Advantages Emphasized at Forum on Milk and Health

October 11, 2018 | Mexico City, Mexico

National Dairy Council nutrition expert Matt Pikosky emphasized the health advantages of U.S. whey protein and other U.S. dairy proteins at third annual Forum on Milk and Health in Mexico City. More than 200 representatives from the Mexican medical sector, including pediatricians, nutritionist and academia learned about U.S. dairy ingredients' many nutritional benefits. USDEC sponsored and co-organized the event with the Mexican Dairy Farmers Association (CNOG) as part of the 2016 U.S.-Mexico Dairy Alliance.

KJ FIRC demonstration

Food and Beverage Manufacturers Learn About Using U.S. Ingredients in Ready-to-Drink Beverages and Soft-Serve Ice Cream

October 9, 2018 | Singapore

Participating food and beverage manufacturers learn about using U.S. ingredients in ready-to-drink beverages and soft-serve ice cream at a workshop launched in collaboration with Singapore's Food Innovation and Resource Centre. The workshop offered a hands-on exploration of U.S. permeate functionality and application versatility. Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research's K.J. Burrington provided insight on U.S. dairy protein properties and how these can be suited for Southeast Asia-friendly applications.

pandan soft serve

U.S. Permeate and Dairy Proteins’ Versatility on Display During Hands-on Training Workshop

October 9, 2018 | Singapore

U.S. permeate and dairy proteins' versatility was on display during a hands-on training workshop, where dairy food and beverage manufacturers explored applications tailored to the Southeast Asian market, like pandan-flavored soft serve ice cream. This collaboration with Singapore's Food Innovation and Resource Centre follows up on similarly successful workshops demonstrating the functionality and wide array of innovation opportunities that U.S. permeate offers.

dairy innovation seminar

Dairy Innovation Seminar Showcases U.S. Dairy’s Versatility

October 9, 2018 | Singapore

USDEC's Dairy Innovation Seminar in Singapore highlighted the functional advantages of and technical considerations for optimizing the performance of U.S. Dairy Ingredients, as well as information on market trends for and Southeast Asia-friendly innovation in health and wellness applications and beyond. Participating food and beverage formulators gained practical insights on how to select the best U.S. dairy ingredient for their beverages, snacks and dairy foods.

usdec booth at fi asia

USDEC Sharing More Than Ten Localized Product Formulas at Fi Asia

October 5, 2018 Jakarta, Indonesia

USDEC booth A2.Z11 at Fi Asia sharing more than ten localized product formulas and additional resources to connect with the 12 U.S. dairy suppliers also exhibiting at the show.

USDEC booth at fi asia

U.S. Dairy Ingredients Help Deliver Southeast Asia-Friendly Products

October 5, 2018 Jakarta, Indonesia

U.S. dairy ingredients can help SE Asian food & beverage manufactures deliver products tailored to the market. Fi Asia visitors are enjoying the spicy curry and pandan sesame cookies made with U.S. permeate.

martin teo speaking

Martin Teo Speaking About U.S. Permeate’s Flavor-Enhancing, Sodium-Reducing Benefits

October 4, 2018Jakarta, Indonesia

Martin Teo, technical director for USDEC Southeast Asia, speaking at PATPI-SEAFAST International Conference held during Fi Asia on using U.S. permeate to offer flavor-enhancing, sodium-reducing benefits in foods for Southeast Asian consumers.

Surabaya Seminar

Nutritionists Attend Seminar on the Role of Dairy in Combating the Double Burden of Malnutrition

September 28, 2018 | Indonesia

More than 250 nutritionists attended a seminar on the role of dairy in combating the double burden of malnutrition in Indonesia. USDEC's Hamdansah Hardigaluh "Hardi" shared the benefits of U.S. dairy proteins and opportunities for dairy ingredients to improve nutrition for the Indonesian population. USDEC collaborated with The Jasmine Nutrition Foundation (Yayasan Gizi Yasmin) and the East Java Province chapter of the Indonesian Nutritionist Association (PERSAGI) and the Food and Nutrition Society of Indonesia (PERGIZI Pangan).

U.S. Cheese class in Japan

U.S. Cheese Class in Japan

September 27, 2018Japan

Mr. Murayama, honorary chairman of Cheese Professional Association in Japan taught a U.S. cheese culinary class at Hattori Nutrition College. The U.S. cheese varieties impressed the class of 150 students who are participating in an upcoming cooking contest to develop menu ideas using the high quality cheeses.

USDEC staff at a Middle East cheese promotion activity.

Middle East Retail Sampling Promotion

September 27, 2018 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai customers have an opportunity to taste the amazing U.S. cheese varieties during a retail promotion. Staff Angélique Hollister, Firas Zahreddine and Nina Halal are visiting the sampling stations.

sarcopenia presentation

U.S. Dairy Protein Benefits Shared at Healthy Aging Seminar

September 25, 2018 | Manila, Philippines

Dr. Fujita shared the benefits of high quality U.S. dairy protein during his "Dietary Approaches to Reduce Sarcopenia Risk" presentation to nutrition and health professionals from government, agencies, research organizations, academia and relevant industries.

Around 100 attendees participated in the Nutrition and Life Course Approach to Healthy Aging seminar at Pan Pacific Manila organized by International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) Southeast Asia Region Philippines Country Committee.

USDEC Risk Management Workshop in the Middle East

September 24, 2018Cairo, Egypt

Charlie Hyland and Eric Meyer provide resources for U.S. dairy customers to mitigate their financial exposure during USDEC's Risk Management Workshop in Cairo. The participants then put their newly learned tools into practice in a case study.

Thanks to the participating suppliers: Commercial Creamery Company; Darigold; HighGround Dairy; Hoogwegt US; Interfood Group; INTL FCStone; Louis Dreyfus Company; Schreiber Foods; and T. C. Jacoby & CO Inc.

pandan cookies

Discover U.S. Dairy’s Innovation Potential at Fi Asia

September 24, 2018 | Jakarta, Indonesia

Visit the U.S. Dairy Export Council's booth (#A2.Z11) at Fi Asia in Jakarta, Indonesia (October 3-5, 2018 - Jakarta International Expo) for inspiration on Southeast Asia-friendly innovation opportunities with U.S. Dairy. U.S. milk powders, dairy proteins and permeate deliver multifaceted nutrition, functionality and flavor benefits while addressing formulator needs to meet consumer demand for quality, sustainably produced ingredients. Appealing applications include indulgent sweets, better-for-you snacks, protein-enriched sports nutrition, weight management/healthy aging food and beverages and more.  Several U.S. suppliers will also be participating in the show, both as exhibitors and to conduct customer meets.  

To plan your visit and learn more about U.S. dairy's presence at the Fi Asia show, download an at-a-glance handout. 

melting senses supplement

Recipe Supplement Explores Gastronomic Innovation in Asian Cuisines with U.S. Cheese

September 20, 2018

Newly released Cuisine & Wine Asia recipe supplement explores how five innovative chefs creatively incorporate U.S. cheese into cuisine tailored for the vibrant gastronomic scene in Singapore. Download Melting Your Senses for innovations made possible in Asian culinary menus thanks to American originals and other popular U.S. varieties.

cheese luncheon tasting

Senior Chefs, Distributors and Food Managers Experienced High-Quality U.S. Cheese

September 18, 2018 | Singapore

Tasting is believing and over 90 senior chefs, distributors and food managers from hotels and catering experienced diverse, high-quality U.S. cheese options at an exclusive Senior Chef Workshop in Singapore.

chef Sandro Falbo

Versatility of U.S. Specialty Cheeses on Display in Singapore

September 18, 2018 | Singapore

Chef Sandro Falbo demonstrating the versatility of U.S. specialty cheeses in high end cuisine at the Senior Chef Workshop in Singapore.

Farm visit

Trade Mission Farm Visit Demonstrates U.S. Dairy Farm Sustainability

September 13, 2018 | Madison, WI

Touring Hoard's Dairyman farm with Corey Geiger showed USDEC's trade mission guests how U.S. dairy farms focus on cow care. The resulting sustainably-produced milk supply offers high quality, safe U.S. dairy ingredients. 

CDR course

Food Developers from Vietnam Explore U.S. Dairy Ingredient Nutrition and Functionality

September 12, 2018 | Madison, WI

Food developers from five Vietnam companies participate in a U.S. dairy proteins short course at Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research. U.S. Dairy in beverages and yogurt applications offers innovative nutrition and functionality.

ingredient plant tour

Vietnam Trade Mission Tours U.S. Ingredients Processing Facility

September 11, 2018 | Madison, WI

Thanks to Wisconsin Whey Protein Inc. and Kevin Thomson for hosting the USDEC Vietnam trade mission on a tour of their U.S. ingredients processing facility.

USDEC Member Panel

USDEC Member Panel Emphasizes Quality and Diversity of U.S. Cheese Offerings for Southeast Asia

August 30, 2018 | Manila, Philippines

USDEC members discussed the quality and diversity of U.S. Cheese offerings for Southeast Asia at a seminar in Manila, Philippines. The panel emphasized to 75+ in attendance how U.S. cheese suppliers' innovative spirit and capacity for growth globally is uniquely suited to meet Indonesia and the Philippines' needs.

Thanks to U.S. dairy suppliers and staff presenting (from left to right)  
- Reji Retugal-Onal, California Milk Advisory Board
- Bee Mooi Mooi, Glanbia Nutritionals
- David Stiefer, Dairy Farmers of America
- Jacqueline Cook, MCT Dairies
- Dali Ghazalay, USDEC SE Asia

David Montgomery of CDR

Think USA Cheese Seminar in Jakarta Highlights U.S. Cheese’s Flavor, Functionality and Versatility

August 28, 2018Jakarta, Indonesia

The flavor, functionality and versatility of U.S. Cheese were focal at the Think USA Cheese Seminar in Jakarta, Indonesia. Approximately 50 foodservice operators, importers and dairy food and beverage manufacturers attended the seminar featuring the Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research's David Montgomery. He highlighted how different cheese characteristics like melting, browning and stretching prove advantageous for Southeast Asia-friendly menu items.

USDEC visiting Jiangnan University

USDEC Staff Visiting Jiangnan University to Discuss U.S. Dairy Protein and Permeate Research

August 23, 2018 | Wuxi, China

Annie Bienvenue and USDEC staff visiting Jiangnan University (Wuxi, China) today to discuss ongoing and future research on China-friendly innovation opportunities using U.S. dairy proteins and permeate.

Chef cooking noodles.

Singapore Chef Features Appeal of U.S. Dairy in Region

August 3, 2018Singapore

Singaporean Head Chef Kenneth Foong demonstrates the versatility of U.S. whey protein in creative culinary dishes like this Ricotta Cavatelli. The media luncheon held in Singapore on August 3rd highlighted the U.S. Dairy capabilities to deliver quality ingredients and innovation to the thriving food industry throughout the region.

Dairy proteins in a lab.

Online Technical Report on Dairy Proteins Debuted at IFT18

July 19, 2018Chicago, Illinois

Thanks to everyone who made IFT18 a success! For those who couldn’t attend, you can download a new technical report detailing how U.S. Dairy delivers important functionality to a variety of applications in the crowded protein marketplace.

granola and lemon ice pop

Dairy Protein Prototypes at IFT18 Demonstrate Versatility of Applications

July 18, 2018Chicago, Illinois

It’s the last day of IFT18, which means it’s the last chance to swing by booth S1427 and try two, delicious applications that that showcase U.S. dairy ingredients – Lemon Ginger Ice Pops with Whey Protein and Savory Asian Granola with Whey Permeate and Protein Crisps.

Research support staff at IFT

Research Support Staff from Dairy Center Labs and National Dairy Council at IFT18

July 17, 2018 | Chicago, IL

Interested in learning about the broad portfolio of U.S. dairy ingredients? Experts from our network around the world were available at booth S1427 throughout IFT18 to answer your questions.

PDCAA Scores

Dairy Proteins Deliver High Quality Nutrition

July 17, 2018

Not all proteins are created equal. Protein quality rates the ability of a food protein to meet the body’s metabolic demand for amino acids and nitrogen. Key metrics of this measure include their amino acid composition, digestibility and bioavailability.  PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Amino Acid Score) is the current gold standard for assessing protein quality. USDEC researchers and team members were at Booth S1427 at IFT18 sharing the latest in protein research and how dairy’s unmatched protein profile assists in muscle building, maintenance and recovery.

Lemon ice pop prototype

U.S. Dairy’s Unmatched Protein Power Featured at IFT18

July 16, 2018Chicago, Illinois

Visitors stopped by booth S1427 to taste and learn why all proteins are not created equal.

Southeast Asia mission participants at CDR

SEA Training Mission Delegates Sharing Whey Protein Enthusiasm in Wisconsin

July 13, 20218Madison, Wisconsin

Proudly showing a big "W" for Whey (and Wisconsin) as the USDEC Southeast Asian technical training mission delegates wrap up two days at Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research. A huge thanks to Kimberlee Burrington, Susan Larson and other CDR staff for sharing their expertise on U.S. dairy ingredients!

Southeast Asia participants at Wisconsin CDR

Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research Technical Training for Southeast Asia Mission

July 12, 2018Madison, Wisconsin

Southeast Asian technical training mission delegates participate in hands-on lab sessions demonstrating U.S. dairy ingredients functionality and sensory evaluation. Two staff from USDEC Southeast Asia accompanied the eight representatives originating from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Students preparing food at the U.S. cheese course

U.S. Cheese Course at Saitama Belle Epoque Culinary School

July 5, 2018Saitama, Japan

70 Saitama Belle Epoque Culinary School students in Japan participated in the inaugural U.S. cheese course in partnership with the school, learning about the award-winning, wide-selection of delicious U.S. cheeses. Renowned cheese expert Mr. Shigenobu Murayama introduced the history and wide-ranging varieties of unique U.S. cheeses. Culinary expert Ms. Ema Koeda demonstrated the cooking advantages of U.S. cheese and introduced several new recipes featuring U.S. cheddar cheese and American originals.

USDEC representatives at the Food Innovation and Resource Centre.

Press Release: Partnership Inspiring Food Innovation in Southeast Asia

May 31, 2018Singapore

New Singapore agreement is the latest collaboration by U.S. Dairy to drive growth in dynamic hub of food manufacturing.

Pictured from left to right: Zen Tan, FIRC business development manager; Martin Teo, USDEC food applications technical director; Loong Mann Na, FIRC centre director; Vikki Nicholson-West USDEC business unit director for Southeast Asia; and Dali Ghazalay, USDEC regional director for Southeast Asia.

U.S. Beef & Dairy Cochran Mission participants

U.S. Beef & Dairy Cochran Mission

May 23, 2018 | Chicago, IL

Vikki Nicholson-West presented to U.S. Beef & Dairy Cochran Program visitors on the innovative U.S. cheese offerings last week in Chicago. The USDA Cochran Delegation consisted of executive level management and purchasing managers of the hotel and restaurant industry in Thailand.

Booth visitors talk to USDEC staff at trade show in Tokyo

U.S. Sustainably-Produced Dairy Featured at Japanese Trade Show

May 18, 2018 | Japan

USDEC highlighted the commitment of U.S. dairy farmers to their cows and the land, providing a sustainably-produced milk supply that results in a high quality selection of U.S. dairy ingredients.   

Hiroshi Furuyama (left) and Itsuki Tomiyama (right) in the USDEC booth at the International Food Ingredients and Additives (IFIA) trade show in Tokyo. Thanks to everyone who participated.
Speakers on stage discussing the value of U.S. dairy proteins

U.S. Dairy Innovation Seminar in Tokyo

May 17, 2018 | Japan

The 150 participants from health and wellness-focused food and beverage companies in Japan learned how U.S. Dairy proteins offer value in products targeting mainstream fitness-conscious consumers, including seniors. Last week's U.S. Dairy Innovation Seminar also featured how proteins from U.S. milk conveniently fit into everyday Japanese foods. 

Presenters included Leslie Bonci, MPH, RDN, CSSD, (seated left) and Japanese culinary expert Ms. Kanami Egami, Vice President and Food Consultant of Egami Cooking School (seated right). 
Booth visitors sample smoothies with high quality dairy protein

Sampling Protein Smoothies at IFIA in Tokyo

May 16, 2018 | Japan

Visitors are sampling U.S. whey protein yogurt smoothies and learning how U.S. dairy proteins can conveniently fit into everyday foods to support lean muscle for women without bulking up from USDEC's booth at the International Food Ingredients and Additives (IFIA) trade show.

Meeting with customers at USDEC's booth

U.S. Dairy Represented at the ifia 2018 Show in Tokyo

May 16 - 18, 2018 | Japan

American sports nutritionist Leslie Bonci and USDEC's Jeff McNeill meeting with customers about the benefits of U.S. dairy proteins across the life stages. The USDEC booth is part of the International Food Ingredients and Additives (ifia) trade show May 16-18 in Tokyo.

Reporter sitting down for an interview with Leslie Bonci

Media Interviews on Dairy Protein Benefits

May 16, 2018 | Japan

Sports nutrition expert Leslie Bonci conducted multiple Japanese media interviews sharing the importance of quality proteins like U.S. whey proteins for fit and active lifestyles. 

Customers stop by the dairy pavillion

U.S. Dairy Ingredients at Food Ingredients Vietnam 2018

May 16, 2018 | Vietnam

The U.S. Dairy Pavilion (Stand # E-15) at Fi Vientam is showcasing a range of U.S. dairy ingredients that provide the nutrition, functionality and flavor necessary for Vietnamese food & beverage manufacturers to bring innovative products to market. The four U.S. suppliers participating are DairiConcepts, Organic Valley, James Farrell & Co. and Stiefer Agribusiness Asia.

Participants listening to the ingredients presentations

U.S. Dairy Ingredients Innovation Seminar

May 15, 2018 | Vietnam

At the U.S. Dairy Innovation Seminar in Vietnam, 80 participating food industry professionals learned the nutritional benefits, functional advantages of using U.S. dairy ingredients to deliver on Vietnamese market trends.

Chinese guests pose for a picture

Chinese Reverse Trade Mission in Idaho

May 11, 2018 | Idaho, USA

Special thanks to the reverse trade mission participants from China for taking the time experience the quality and varieties of U.S. cheese produced in the United States. The group stops for a photo break in Idaho at Agropur. 

Left photo tasting cheese at Glanbia. Right photo farm visit.

Touring U.S. cheeses and an Idaho farm

May 11, 2018 | Idaho, USA

Our Chinese cheese processors reverse trade mission gets a flavor of the high quality U.S. cheese from Glanbia's Innovation Center and then visits TLK dairy to see calf raising and precision feeding in action. 

Singapore Permeate Workshop FIRC Hands-On

Singapore Permeate Workshop FIRC Hands-On

May 11, 2018Singapore

Some fantastic innovative baked goods using U.S. permeate were created by the regional product developers participating in the recent USDEC workshop at the Food Innovation Resource Centre (FIRC), Singapore Polytechnic. Speical thanks to participating U.S. suppliers: from Agropur - David Mharakurwa and Olwyn O'Dwyer-Duggan, Proliant - Gabriel Sevilla and Lactalis - Bruno Ledoux.

Singapore Permeate Workshop FIRC

Singapore Permeate Workshop FIRC

May 10, 2018Singapore

Workshop on Baking Innovation with U.S. Permeate held at the Food Innovation Resource Centre (FIRC), Singapore Polytechnic. Led by USDEC SEA Technical Director - Food Applications Martin Teo, more than a dozen regional food developers experienced the functional, nutritional and sensory benefits of U.S. permeate.

China RTM at Hilmar

China RTM at Hilmar

May 9, 2018California

The USDEC reverse trade mission from China spent three days in California, touring Hilmar and conducting in-depth meetings with seven other US suppliers before heading to Idaho to meet more suppliers and visit a farm. Six representatives from Chinese cheese manufacturers learned about the in-depth U.S. cheese supply portfolio, cheese innovation, and state of the art manufacturing before heading to Idaho.

U.S. Artisan Cheeses at Cochran Mission from Columbia

May 9, 2018 | Miami, USA

Chef John Esser presenting the fine artisan U.S. cheese varieties and pairing ideas to the five Fellows and USDA FAS Agricultural Specialist on a Cochran mission from Colombia as part of their Discover American Cuisine and Media Tour. The May 9th USDEC-sponsored stop at Florida International University in Miami was part of the two-week tour. 

Jakarta Seminar

Jakarta Seminar

May 5, 2018Jakarta

The benefits and opportunities of U.S. dairy protein in improving the health and nutrition status of the Indonesian population was shared at the U.S. Dairy Health & Nutrition Seminar on May 5th.

The seminar was organized by Jasmine Nutrition Foundation (Yayasan Gizi Yasmin) in collaboration with USDEC and Indonesian Nutritionists Association (PERSAGI DKI Jakarta Province).

Seniors exercising

Exercising for Kinkatsu Project

April 27, 2018 | Japan

Dr. Shuichi Machida works with participants to explain how the Kinkatsu project is designed to develop muscle strengthening habits that include exercise and protein intake, including U.S. whey proteins. Seniors participating are interested in these techniques for staying active as they grow older. 

Presenters at the Kinkatsu orientation

Kinkatsu Orientation Kickoff

April 27, 2018 | Japan

Orientation for Kinkatsu - a Japanese term developed to mean "muscle building activity" - educated community participants on reducing locomotive syndrome risk to seniors using nutrition with U.S. whey protein and exercise. 

Pictured from left to right: Dr. Shuichi Machida, Juntendo University; Dr. Kyoko Honda, Registered Dietitian; Ms. Sanae Sudo, Associate Director, Naka Sports Center, Yokohama Sports Association; Mr. Keisuke Fujita, Naka Sports Center, Yokohama Sports Association 
 The USDEC Japan Kinkatsu partnership with Yokohama Sports Association is 6 months long starting in June.
Day 4 of FHA Show

Day 4 of FHA Show

April 27, 2018Singapore

Four busy days for the U.S. Dairy pavilion at Food & Hotel Asia FHA 2018 in Singapore.

FHA 2018 Logo

Show Magazine Coverage

April 26, 2018Singapore

Vikki Nicholson-West and Chef Jill Sandique featured in the Food & Hotel Asia day 3 show guide discussing how American cheesemakers are crafting U.S. cheese innovations full of bold flavors and textures to complement regional dishes.

Chefs featuring U.S. Cheeses

Chefs Feature U.S. Cheese at Food & Hotel Asia 2018

April 26, 2018 Singapore

Delectable culinary creations by Chefs Jill Sandique and Vindex Tengker featuring U.S. cheese entice Food & Hotel Asia participants in Singapore this week.

U.S. cheese display featured at Food & Hotel Asia.

USDEC Cheese Reception During Food & Hotel Asia 2018

April 25, 2018Singapore

Chefs, importers, distributors, retailers and foodservice operators receive a special tour from cheese expert, Mark Todd, of 30 different varieties of U.S. cheese at five pairing stations. The special reception in Singapore during Food & Hotel Asia 2018 was sponsored by Oregon Dairy and Nutrition Council, California Milk Advisory Board and USDEC Southeast Asia.

Vikki Nicholson-West

Media (Asia Pacific Food Industry) – Asia Cheese Exports from the U.S. On an Upward Trend

April 23, 2018Singapore

Vikki Nicholson-West highlights how the wide variety of great tasting and unique U.S. cheese is a perfect fit for the influential Singapore market at Food & Hotel Asia 2018. These quality cheeses can stand alone or excel as an ingredient in innovative cuisines.

U.S. Specialty Cheese Platter

Press Release: Discover U.S. Cheeses Starring in Southeast Asia Culinary Events

April 17, 2018

April is teeming with examples that showcase how the 600+ types of U.S. cheeses can be used to delight consumers in Southeast Asia. As the Official Dairy Partner of the World Gourmet Summit, USDEC offers opportunities to see and taste the show-stopping cheeses made in the USA through various award ceremonies and receptions. The activities continue with the 2018 Food & Hotel Asia (FHA) show, April 24–27. The USDEC booth (#7B4-06 and #7A4-01) within the U.S. Dairy Pavilion highlights 10 different U.S. cheese representatives and additional chef demonstrations throughout the show.

U.S. Cheeses at WGS Brunch

U.S. Cheeses at Discovery Brunch

April 8, 2018 | Singapore

An impressive display of U.S. cheese delighted taste buds of the chefs, gourmet distributors and importers attending the World Gourmet Summit Discovery Brunch in Singapore.

This reception showcased a dozen cheeses from 8 companies in 4 states. This is truly a small sample of the more than 600 varieties of cheeses made in the United States. U.S. specialty cheese production dates back centuries with the early American settlers and it is currently the fastest growing segment of the American cheese market.

WSG Award Winner Kirk Westaway

World Gourmet Summit Award Winners

April 2, 2018 Singapore

Congratulations to all of the nominees for the World Gourmet Summit's (WGS) Awards of Excellence in Singapore. USDEC sponsored three categories and Dalilah Ghazalay awarded the trophies to:  

  • USDEC Chef's Choice Award: Kirk Westaway of JAAN (pictured)
  • USDEC Gourmet Retailer of the Year: Winner-The Cellar Door
  • USDEC Gourmet Distributor of the Year: Winner-Culina at Dempsey Hill

WGS month-long activities lead up to USDEC's exhibiting at the 2018 Food & Hotel Asia show, April 24-27 so be sure to come out and learn more about our innovative U.S. Cheese.

Guests enjoying U.S. cheeses at opening ceremonies

Official Dairy Sponsor of the World Gourmet Summit

April 2018 Singapore

USDEC is the official Dairy Partner of the World Gourmet Summit in Singapore. Widely regarded as Asia's foremost gastronomic event, this highly anticipated food and wine festival epitomizes the cuisine, wine and dining elements of gastronomy. Guest Chef Vindex Tengker featured the varieties and craftsmanship of U.S. cheeses during the opening Awards of Excellence reception. 

U.S. Dairy Featured in Central America Trade Mission

February 27 - March 2, 2018 | Guatemala

Under Secretary McKinney from U.S. Department of Agriculture, Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs, greeted USDEC staff, Terri Rexroat and Rodrigo Fernandez, in Guatemala. USDEC participated in a trade mission on Feb. 26-March 2 to feature the quality U.S. cheese and dairy ingredients available to companies in the Central America Northern Triangle of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

U.S. cheese display at Gulfood 2018

U.S. Cheeses at Gulfood 2018

February 20, 2018 Dubai, UAE

Impressive display of U.S. cheese at Gulfood 2018. With more than 600 varieties of high quality cheeses, the U.S. can fulfill customers’ evolving product and business needs.

USDEC CEO Tom Vilsack speaking at Gulfood 2018.

USDEC CEO Tom Vilsack at Gulfood 2018

February 19, 2018Dubai, UAE

USDEC's CEO Tom Vilsack speaking in the Taste of the USA Pavilion at Gulfood 2018. The strong show presence highlights how the U.S. dairy industry continues to ramp up investments and deliver an expanded range of dairy products which fulfill customers’ evolving product and business needs.

USDEC Gulfood 2018 Pavilion

U.S. Dairy Export Council at Gulfood 2018

February 17, 2018 Dubai, UAE

The global food and beverage industry is not standing still, and neither is the U.S. dairy industry – ask one of the 23 exhibiting U.S. dairy suppliers at Gulfood 2018.