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Widmer’s Cheese Cellars

widmer 214 W. Henni State
Theresa, WI 53091
+1 (920) 488 2503

Contact: Joseph Widmer Jr.

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Widmer's Cheese Cellars was founded over 90 years ago in 1922 by Swiss immigrant John O. Widmer. He instilled an approach to cheesemaking that has been carried on through four generations of the Widmer family. His motto was "take no shortcuts and accept nothing less than the best." Widmer's Cheese Cellars settled in the heart of one of the richest cheesemaking areas in America more than 90 years ago.

Embracing the manufacturing techniques which have been handed down through generations of European and Wisconsin cheesemakers, Widmer's Cheese Cellars carefully produces some of the finest Brick, Cheddar and Colby cheeses in the world. When it comes to producing delicious, award-winning Wisconsin cheese and other farm-fresh dairy products, there's no place like Wisconsin. The dairy heritage, culture, and pride run deep, and the traditions of cheesemaking and dairy manufacturing are second to none. The cheeses are handcrafted today under the watchful eye of third-generation Certified Master Cheesemaker Joe Widmer.

Meet the Cheesemaker

joe srJoe makes cheese in the factory his grandfather purchased more than 90 years ago, and he continues to follow his grandfather's golden rule: Take no shortcuts and accept nothing less than excellence. Joe has completed the Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker® program twice and holds certifications for two Wisconsin originals - brick and Colby cheeses, as well as cheddar. "The best part of the program is the artisan courses that allow you to meet cheesemakers from other countries and share ideas," he says. Widmer's Cheese Cellars has won awards for their cheeses in local, U.S., and international competitions.

Discover Widmer's Specialty Cheeses

Mild Brick

brickWidmers' is the only factory left in the state of Wisconsin that still follows the authentic procedures of manufacturing Brick Cheese. In fact, the Widmers' still use the bricks that Grandfather John O. Widmer used in 1922 to press their cheese. A staggering 10 pounds of milk goes into each one pound of cheese. That adds up to make this the best brick cheese made in the U.S.A. Brick is a Wisconsin original. Flavor changes from mild and sweet. Mild Brick Cheese is a young cheese that is mild and buttery sweet. Slice for sandwiches and shred for casseroles.

Shelf Life: 240 days

Raw Milk Cheese: No Cut: Vacuum-packed retail; random weight


  • 2014 - Blue Ribbon, American Cheese Society

Aged Brick

aged brickAn American original and is among the first washed rind cheeses produced in the U.S. It was developed in 1877 by John Jossi, a Swiss born cheesemaker. As Jossi did, Joe Widmer uses real brick to press his cheese, the same bricks his grandfather used in 1922. After pressing, the cheese is placed in a salt brine for 11 hours, then moved to a warm humid curing room where it is washed and turned daily for 7 days. It is then packed in parchment paper and foil where it reaches peak flavor at 4-5 months. This semi-soft cheese has a pleasant, earthy flavor which intensifies with age. Widmer's Aged Brick is also available with caraway seeds.

Shelf Life: 150 days

Raw Milk Cheese: No Cut: Vacuum-packed retail; random weight


  • 2017 - Blue Ribbon, American Cheese Society
  • 2014 - Blue Ribbon, American Cheese Society

Aged Cheddar

Aged CheddarThe Widmer family has been handcrafting Cheddar since 1922. In recent years, their Cheddars have more age to satisfy the palate of the distinctive, artisan-style cheese lover. Original family recipes and select cultures (with no shortcuts) gives Widmers' Cheddars a more sophisticated and complex flavor profile. Widmer still washes the Cheddar curds before salting and placing in forms to lower the amount of lactose, which reduces bitterness in the final product. Our super-aged Cheddars have an intense flavor with hints of caramel, and are known for being very smooth without the bitterness associated with some aged Cheddars. Choose 4-year, 6-year, or 8-year Aged Cheddar. Also available with jalapeño peppers.

Shelf Life: 240 days

Raw Milk Cheese: No Cut: Vacuum-packed retail; random weight


  • 2010 - Blue Ribbon (8-year), American Cheese Society
  • 2005 - Blue Ribbon (6-year), American Cheese Society
  • 2002 - Blue Ribbon (4-year), American Cheese Society

Brick Cold Pack Spread

Brick Cold Pack SpreadThe chef's secret ingredient and the retailer's uniquely classic best-selling spread. A luxurious combination of Widmers' world-class washed rind Brick Cheese, ripened to peak, and aged white cheddar give this product a delicate blend of flavors. This spread pleases the palate of even the most discerning cheese critics. Available in retail sizes or in tubs for chefs.

Shelf Life: 330 days

Raw Milk Cheese: No Cut: Vacuum-packed retail; exact weight


  • 2017 - Blue Ribbon, U.S. Championship Cheese Contest
  • 2017 - Blue Ribbon, American Cheese Society
  • 2015 - Blue Ribbon, Wisconsin State Fair
  • 2013 - Bronze, World Cheese Awards
  • 2012 - Bronze, World Cheese Awards
  • 2007 - Blue Ribbon, Wisconsin State Fair