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Mt. Townsend Creamery

Townsend 338 Sherman Street
Port Townsend, WA 98368
+1 (360) 390 4131

Contact: Amanda Carter

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The founders of Mt. Townsend Creamery came to the Pacific Northwest to experience its rugged beauty and adventure. They were touched by green valleys where food grows wild, the pure salty air, and the dramatic landscapes where snow-capped mountains met the sea. In 2006, they were inspired by the community's vibrant food culture and decided to pursue a passion for delicious artisan cheese. While educating themselves about the art and science of cheesemaking, they realized that this journey would require intense commitment. Mt. Townsend Creamery has developed partnerships with nearby family farms to provide milk that creates cheese which reflects the character of its community and the essence of the land. Today you can discover Northwest flavor in every bite.

Meet the Owners

Ryan Trail

Ryan TrailDuring college, Ryan bottled beer and mopped the floors at the fledgling New Belgium Brewing Company. After he earned his engineering degree from Colorado State University, he started doing projects for the brewery, from plumbing and wiring to building machines and designing brewery equipment. He learned about the art and science of fermentation, which are valuable skills that he now applies to cheesemaking. He was inspired to make soft-ripened cheese by the Norman Camembert that he shoved in his backpack before heading back from his first trip to France. It was very ripe by the time he got home, and it opened his eyes to the possibility of cheese beyond cheddar.

Matt Day

Matt DayAs a child, Matt would walk to the store down the road from his house just to admire the massive, mouthwatering blocks of cheddar cheese they would display on the counter. It was fond memories like that which helped shape Matt's decision to go into the cheese industry. Matt is the co-founder and marketing & sales director of Mt. Townsend Creamery.

Discover Mt. Townsend's Specialty Cheeses


SeastackSeastack is inspired by the rock formations along the Northwest coast. Its ripened exterior offers an earthy, briny flavor, which is balanced against a bright, milky interior. As it ages, Seastack's pate softens to a soft-fudge-like texture.

Shelf Life: 55 days

Raw Milk Cheese: No Cut: Wrapped in cheese paper; random weight


  • 2010 - First, American Cheese Society
  • 2010 - Fifth, World Championship Cheese Awards


CirrusMt. Townsend created Cirrus to be a Pacific Northwest variation of Camembert. This rich, buttery cheese grows soft and creamy with age. Cirrus partners beautifully with nuts, figures, and pears.

Shelf Life: 65 days

Raw Milk Cheese: No Cut: Wrapped in cheese paper; exact weight


  • 2017 - First, American Cheese Society
  • 2016 - First, American Cheese Society
  • 2015 - Third, U.S. Cheese Championship

Off Kilter

Off KilterMt. Townsend's Off Kilter is a Salish Sea inspiration that is a unique combination of washed and bloomy rind cheese. They wash this semisoft cheese in Scotch Ale as it ages to create a savory flavor with a sweet, malty finish. Off Kilter is a favorite among Mt. Townsend insiders.

Shelf Life: 90 days

Raw Milk Cheese: No Cut: Wrapped in cheese paper; exact weight


  • 2017 - Third, American Cheese Society
  • 2014 - Second, World Championship Cheese Contest


TrufflestackTrufflestack is created by infusing Seastack with black truffles. The flavor of the milk shines against the unmistakable flavor of black truffle. It is an outstanding selection for special occasions.

Shelf Life: 65 days

Raw Milk Cheese: No Cut: Wrapped in cheese paper; exact weight


  • 2010 - Best New Product, SOFI Award