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Whey Categories

Whey products improve texture, enhance flavor and color, emulsify and stabilize, improve flow properties and dispersibility in dry mixes, help extend shelf-life and exhibit a range of other properties that increase food product quality. Whey proteins are high-quality proteins naturally found in dairy that can increase the nutritional value of dairy foods, bars, smoothies, sauces, dips and more.

loaf of bread with sweet whey powder

Sweet Whey Powder

An economical source of dairy solids for bakery, snack, confectionery and other food products.                            

cake with wpc 34

Whey Protein Concentrate 34

A valuable source of protein and dairy solids for use in a wide array of food and beverage applications.                              

rolls with permeate

Whey Permeate

A valuable source of dairy solids for use in bakery, sodium reduction and other products.                              

sausages with reduced lactose whey

Reduced Lactose Whey

An alternative to sweet whey powder for use in dairy, meat, snack and other applications.                                 

cookies with wpc 80

Whey Protein Concentrate 80

A concentrated source of high-quality protein for dairy, bakery, meat, snack and confectionery products.                                     

cream with milk minerals

Milk Minerals

A natural milk calcium suitable for nutritional supplements, baked goods, beverages and many more.

muffins with demineralized whey

Demineralized Whey

An ingredient high in lactose content for use in dairy, bakery, confectionery and other nutritional products.

lemon cakes with wpi

Whey Protein Isolate

A source of high-quality protein with good emulsifying and fat binding properties for a variety of health and wellness applications.

protein bars with whey derivatives

Whey Protein Derivatives

Lactoferrin can be used in medicine and food to provide many health benefits.