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Butter & Milkfat Categories

To meet world demand, the United States continues to expand its product portfolio and strengthen its leadership in butter and milkfat technology. Whether one is looking for butter for foodservice operations or food manufacturing processes, U.S. dairy fats can supply virtually every desired application.

Browse the categories available for the wide range of butter and milkfat products the United States can offer the global marketplace.


Anhydrous Milkfat & Butteroil

With almost all moisture and nonfat solids removed, anhydrous milkfat and butteroil have a longer shelf life than butter and provide various advantages when used in cooking and as ingredients.



One of the most versatile dairy products, butter can be used as a delicious spread and is a preferred ingredient worldwide for cooking or baking.


Compound Butters

Add even more flavor by combining herbs, spices and more with traditional butter.