IFT 2019

June 3–5, 2019

New Orleans, LA, USA

IFT 2019 trade show

Dedicated U.S. dairy suppliers and producers along with USDEC (booth #5613) shared on-trend insights and solutions at this year's Institute for Food Technologists (IFT) 2019 meetings. The show may be over, but the opportunity to tap into the potential of dairy has just begun.

Knowing that consumers around the world are looking for innovative approaches to deliver the nutritious benefits of U.S. dairy ingredients (check out this information on whey protein and permeate product introductions), USDEC, in partnership with affiliated university application labs, developed prototypes that bring to life those benefits in trendy, on-the-go applications, including a Calamansi Protein Gel Snack (by the Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research) and a Protein-powered Curry Hummus (by the Midwest Dairy Foods Research Center at the University of Minnesota).

With the rise of innovations using proteins, it's important for formulators to understand that achieving a complete hydration of dairy protein powders is a must for ensuring clarity, heat stability and satisfactory sensory characteristics in the finished beverage or food product. Read more insights from a technical session on "Increasing Dairy Protein Hydration: A Fresh Look Using New Age Tools" held at this year's show.

Download our show handout for a complete list of participating U.S. dairy suppliers and check out our IFT18 event page to discover what prototypes we exhibited at last year's show.

View resources from 2017, 2016 and 2015 to get an even broader idea of the trends and innovations that have been on display at our booth in the past.