Group Consolidation Program for U.S. Dairy

Why a Group Consolidation Program?

The U.S. cheese industry has gained momentum in the international market over the past decade and is now among the largest suppliers to the world with over 316,000 mt of cheese (mainly commodity) exported in 2015. However, there is more to our industry than bulk cheese. Our cheesemakers make hundreds of award-winning varieties to delight chefs and consumers alike and are eager to share those treasures with the world.

American-made value-added and specialty cheeses have tremendous opportunities to build quality sales in the global marketplace but they require an export supply chain configured to consolidate and ship smaller quantities of cheese. This is why the U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) has teamed up with Hellmann Worldwide Logistics (HWL) to facilitate international retail and foodservice buyers’ access to these cheeses as well as other value-added dairy products through a group consolidation program.


As depicted here, consolidating products with other cargo being shipped to your market provides tremendous savings, making the price of U.S. value-added dairy products a lot more competitive. Over time, as consolidated volumes increase, air cargo will become ocean freight, further reducing the costs for everyone.

How Does it Work?


The Group Consolidation Program allows international customers to order U.S. dairy products on a Less-than-a-Container-Load (LCL) basis from one or more U.S. suppliers then have the products shipped at preset dates. To see the consolidation dates, please view our 2016-2017 Consolidation Schedule.

As a program participant, your multi-supplier orders are consolidated at one of four refrigerated warehouses operated by HWL in the United States and shipped to your destination. If you are only buying from one U.S. supplier, your order will be consolidated with other customers’ shipments traveling to your market into a Full Container Load (FCL) or an air shipment as appropriate, then shipped.

Customers who are also looking for ways to receive samples or trial orders at reasonable prices should contact HWL.

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About Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Created in 1871 in Germany, HWL has, today, a worldwide network of 19,300 people in 443 branches in 157 countries. In the United States, it currently operates four refrigerated consolidation centers (Chicago, Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles) and can ship wherever demand takes you!

HWL also offers a state-of-the-art system called Smart Visibility which provides, via text/email, door-to-door real time tracking of the containers' location as well as interior temperature and humidity.

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For more information, contact HWL's Group Consolidation Program manager:

Vicente Meneses
Tel 310.715.9411


Please contact the USDEC office nearest you.