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  • Snacks

    • Frozen Matcha Dairy Bar
      Healthy snacking gets a new twist with a high-protein, dairy-rich frozen delight. These unique frozen sandwiches feature a filling based on Greek yogurt and milk protein isolate, flavored with matcha green tea and wedged between crispy oat wafers.
    • Protein-powered Curry Hummus
      Spicing up widely popular hummus with the power of U.S. dairy ingredients demonstrates how blending dairy proteins with vegetable-based options multiplies the benefits. The addition of high quality milk protein doubles the protein content while complementing the flavor and texture.
    • Calamansi Protein Gel Snack
      This upscale, fun and convenient snack made with high-quality U.S. dairy protein is a great, on-the-go option to fuel your body in between meals or post-workout.